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Be Inspired To Get Your Degree With Who Says You Can’t Go To College?—The Premiere Resource For Students Pursuing A College Education

For the first time ever, Tanya shares her proven, time-tested strategies for educational success in an in-depth book that guides students, parents, adult learners and professionals through the higher education process.


Sanford, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2011 -- Intended to inspire students of all ages to fulfill their educational goals, Who Says You Can’t Go To College? is the #1 tool to guide parents, professionals, struggling high-school students and adult learners through the entire collegiate experience—from applications to graduation. Written by education-extraordinaire Tanya Knight—a woman nationally-recognized as “America’s Education Coach”—this 160-page book, available in print or as an e-book, is guaranteed to get you into the school of your dreams.

In today’s struggling economy, many students don’t know how they’re going to pay for college. Even worse, more than 60% of students graduate from high school unprepared for the college experience, and seek remedial classes upon matriculation. Learn how to handle these education issues and more with Tanya’s premiere educational resource—Who Says You Can’t Go To College?—created to give students, parents and adult learners interested in pursuing a college degree the preparation necessary to achieve their educational goals. Ignoring prior education or demographics, this book covers a variety of topics every student needs to know—from degree types and coursework to interview tips and job placement—and ultimately encourages students and their parents, namely those who have struggled through the academic process, to see their college experience through to graduation. But this resource doesn’t just prepare you to get in; it takes you, step-by-step, through the entire process—providing insight on funding, scholarships, colleges that offer free tuition, tuition reimbursement, and various other tools to help you along the way. Who Says You Can’t Go To College? is not only designed to get you into the best schools—but rather, the best school for you. For just $14.95, Who Says You Can’t Go To College? will help students of all ages get into the private, public, community, technical, trade or online institution that fits their educational goals.

To purchase your own copy of Tanya’s book Who Says You Can’t Go To College? now, go online at www.Amazon.com or www.BarnesandNoble.com or her website at www.TanyaKnight.com

About Tanya
Nationally-recognized as “America’s Education Coach,” Tanya Knight uses her flagship organization, Tanya Knight International, to aid students of all ages through the higher education process. Besides being a regular contributor for www.Education.com, www.Jacksonville.com, The College World Reporter Magazine and Hope For Women Magazine, Tanya was named one of “17 Distance Learning Experts Worth Knowing About” by The Knowledge Maven. Having completed 100% of her degrees online, Tanya is a product of hard work and dedication, and understands the obstacles students need to overcome to reach their full potential. She specializes in working with struggling academic students and “adult learners”—parents, soldiers, teachers, executives and working professionals in pursuit of higher education. Tanya actively fights to raise awareness about the importance of education, and her website, www.theeducationcoach.com, has become a one-stop education resource center. Most recently, Tanya has founded the “Education Excellence Event: Adults Finish Your Degree,” a free, ongoing education Tele-Seminar for students of all ages, scheduled to begin in December 2011.