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Be Part of the Community That Matters and the World That Cares; Support Rebuilding a Place the Rees Family Can Call Home Again!


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- Fire outbreaks do leave many families distressed without any hope of living again. This is usually very possible especially if the only place you call home gets burnt down completely in a raging fire. This is exactly what happened to Dave & Sherryl of Port Perry Canada; they were left with no place to call home. The Rees Family, Dave and Sheryl, lost their home and all of their belongings in a chemical fire one week before their first child Tyson was born. It was an accident! Foundation of Hope has since thought it wise to help give support to this family.

What followed was suffering throughout their life to an extent that they were living in a borrowed trailer in the summer months with no running water or electricity. This is indeed how this family has been living as one of the project managers from Hope Foundation explains, “Since the fire, Dave & Sherryl have been paying their mortgage, property tax & insurance premiums for a property they cannot live at. They have been living in a borrowed trailer in the summer months with no running water or electricity. They have been staying with family in the colder months, where it is very tight quarters. While Tyson has his own bedroom, Dave & Sherryl were sleeping on separate couches in separate rooms”. This is a very pathetic situation! Is it possible to rescue this family? YES it is very possible if you and I are very willing! Let us come to the aid of this family, tomorrow it might be you!

Why Fund This Project?

The funds raised will be used to buy building materials for rebuilding the Rees Family’s home. This is what one of the creators of this project from Foundations of Hope says, “Generous trades people in the community have donated services to rebuild but we are looking to raise funds for materials. Every penny earned will go to rebuilding the Rees Family's home”. This is like a life saving project that we should all come together to support. The Rees Family really relies on you to see them through during this trying moments; show The Rees Family that community matters & the world cares!

For More Information and Contribution, kindly visit; http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/building-a-place-the-rees-family-can-call-home-again--2