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Beach Bike Outlet Expands Comfortable Selections of Bikes to Increasing Online Sales

Children and Adults Both Taking Advantage of Biking Benefits


Culver City, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2013 -- According to results from the National Household Transportation Survey, approximately 50% of American employees live within five miles of their place of employment. At a 20 minute bike ride pace twice a week, the average person could burn 3,000 calories a month, close to one pound of fat. The growing trend of bike riding is catching hold, says Beach Bike Outlet spokesperson Mike Johnson and shows no signs of letting go. "Whether people are wanting a bike to ride to work or take on a spin around the beach, it's definitely growing in popularity."

Biking can't be beat, says Johnson. "Cycling is known for improving one's legs, improving a person's quads, glutes and calves, not to mention the upper body, from working the handlebar. Riding a bike can truly give you an all over workout. Many people worry about getting on a bike unless they're already in shape, but that shouldn't be the case, especially if they start out with beach cruiser bikes." Johnson goes on to explain how the bikes they sell come with comfortable seats, sturdy frames and able to accommodate people of varying sizes. Says Johnson "The bikes of old came with tiny little seats which left you feeling sore after a long ride, but that's not the case anymore. Today's bike has a thick, gel seat available to end those sore spots."

Johnson says biking is also coming back in favor as a gift for children, stating, "For a while, the age of video games was all anyone cared about, but now with child obesity being big news, bikes are once again a hot item for gifts. Along with beach cruiser accessories, they make excellent gifts for young children and tweens not old enough to have a car yet. It gives them a sense of independence and a good form of exercise, too. Schools are once again bringing back the bike racks in front of schools to accommodate those who want to ride their bikes to school. It's good to see them back in front of the schools again. We have parents asking about the best bike helmets to buy their children so they can ride their bikes on the streets, so we know parents are getting involved in it, too."

Johnson advises parents to pick out hemets with their children, including them in the decision making process so they will take ownership of them and be more likely to wear them.

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