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Beachbody Challenge Winner Loses 295 Pounds and Launches Fitness Website


Washington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2014 -- Beachbody Challenge winner Veronica Spriggs launches Me Only Better Fitness. Veronica is a two time Beachbody Challenge winner having won Team Beachbody's Monthly Challenge as well as the Quarterly Challenge. Veronica states, “Going public with my weight loss story was a very difficult move for me. I now know that telling my story was the right thing to do as it has helped to inspire many others.”

Veronica has successfully lost 295 pounds through healthy diet and vigorous and exercise. She started documenting her weight loss progress through various social media outlets under the pseudonym MeOnlyBetter or MeOnlyBetter2013. Through social media Veronica received countless requests for help with weight loss and fitness advice.

When asked what is the focus of Me Only Better Fitness Veronica states, “I needed a forum with ready availability to everyone. A place where I could answer all of the questions I receive and allow everyone access to those answers.” While Veronica does offer recommended products for sale such as Shakeology, anyone may view the helpful and healthful articles for free as well as sign up for free fitness coaching.

Me Only Better Fitness provides practical advice on weight loss, health and nutrition. The blog is written and run by Veronica herself and encourages readers ask for help meeting their fitness or weight loss goals. “My goal,” said Veronica, “is to provide people with the encouragement and support they need to reach their long term goals.” While anyone needing to lose weight will get the help they need at Me Only Better Fitness, what makes this site different is that they have a special empathy for people in need of extreme weight loss. Extreme weight loss as described by Veronica “Those persons needing to lose 100 pounds or more.”

Me Only Better Fitness is a well written blog rich in media and imagery. New topics will arrive weekly and subscribers are encouraged to submit suggestions or questions for future articles. The blog is written in easy to follow laymen's terms and uses vivid imagery to illustrate it's messages. As the blog's author Veronica shares her own personal experiences as well as factual information she has learned over her weight loss journey. The launch of Me Only Better Fitness promises to be a huge success as Veronica is offering all new readers a free full color E-zine available for web or Ipad. The E-Zine is a 25 page magazine that tells how she lost 295 pounds and how she overcame challenges along the way. Also included is a bonus worksheet to help readers discover and overcome their own challenges.

About Me Only Better Fitness
Me Only Better Fitness was created to address the needs of individuals seeking to lose weight. The company is run by Veronica Spriggs and offers free health and fitness coaching and weight loss support. The web based company shows particular interest in those needing help with extreme weight loss. For any further information, visit http://www.meonlybetterfitness

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