Joe Bragg Helps Visitors Dress, Budget, and Plan for Any Beach Wedding


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2013 -- Beaches are among the most spectacular places at which to have a wedding. With the ocean as a backdrop and the sound of the surf crashing against the shore, it’s easy to make any moment magical and romantic.

But beaches aren’t a perfect wedding venue, and there are some factors that the bride and groom – as well as guests – need to take into account long before the wedding day. A website called aims to help anyone prepare for a beach wedding. At, visitors will find information about the costs, clothing, and expected wedding favors found at a beach wedding.

Most people do not wear the same clothing to a beach wedding as they would to an indoor wedding. In most cases, beach weddings involve lighter-colored clothing and, in some cases, a more casual dress code.

And as a spokesperson for explains, even the hairstyles of brides, grooms, and guests can change for a beach wedding:

“The goal of our website is to help anybody prepare for a beach wedding, and that involves educating visitors on the clothing and hairstyles expected at a beach wedding. Popular beach wedding hair styles include natural looks – especially for those who have natural ‘beach curls’ in their hair. French braids, side braids, and low gathered buns are also popular. And of course, many people will want to give their beach wedding pictures a more tropical look by adding an ornament like a flower to their hair.”

Along the right hand side of the Beach Wedding Favor website, visitors will find all of the following categories:

- Beach wedding cakes
- Beach wedding hairstyles
- Beach wedding invitations
- Mens beach wedding attire

Visitors can click on any of these categories to learn more information about a particular subject. The website also features a guide on choosing a perfect beach wedding theme and other important decisions to make before a beach wedding.

Of course, as the name of the website suggests, party favors also need to be taken into consideration:

“Beach wedding favors are an important way for the bride and groom to show they care about guests. We’ve highlighted some creative favors for beach weddings – including favors for those on a tight budget. Whether searching for a fun gift or a more personalized gift, wedding favors are a very important part of having a beach wedding.”

About is a beach wedding information website dedicated to helping brides, grooms, and guests prepare for a beach wedding. Along with featuring information about beach wedding favors, the site also lists dressing guidelines, ideal hairstyles, and other helpful tips. For more information, please visit: