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Beans Diesel Performance Announces Redesigned Electric Fuel Conversion Kits

Owners of older Ford trucks can easily enjoy greater power and reliability


Woodbury, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2014 -- Automotive parts supplier Beans Diesel Performance announced the availability of a newly revised kit designed to enable the conversion of older Ford trucks to electric-powered fuel systems. These Beans Diesel OBS eFuel conversion kits provide everything needed to replace the stock mechanical fuel pumps in such Ford trucks and result in greater performance and fuel efficiency once installed. Beans Diesel Performance stocks a wide variety of such parts and kits, focusing on serving customers who are interested in extracting the greatest possible performance from their diesel-powered vehicles.

"There are countless Ford trucks from 1997 and before still on the road," company representative Ryan Bean stated, "and many of their owners are looking for ways to liven these older trucks up. Converting one of these Powerstroke-driven trucks to an electric fuel system can be just the thing they're after, and we've got everything needed for the job." Although mechanical fuel pumps can be very reliable, they sap power from the engines that they supply. Beans Diesel's conversion kits allow owners of older trucks equipped with such systems to quite easily take advantage of the greater efficiency and power gains that switching to electric fuel systems can deliver. In addition to being a relatively easy job, the project is very cost-effective, considering the potential for improvements it brings.

Located in Woodbury, Tenn., about one hour from Nashville, Beans Diesel Performance is one of the country's leading retailers of diesel automotive parts. In addition to serving customers at its physical location, the company operates an Internet storefront which is frequently used and recommended by knowledgeable diesel performance mechanics and enthusiasts. It offers free shipping on many of the items it stocks and provides a full range of rebuilding, performance tuning, and other services for existing parts. The company's selection of performance parts is one of the largest available anywhere, and it carefully vets and curates its inventory to ensure that its customers receive only the best solutions for their particular needs.

"This is an exciting time to be an owner of an old-body-style Ford truck," Bean continued, "and our Beans Diesel Performance OBS turbo upgrade is another great option for those looking for some more grunt from these workhorses." A revamping of the basic design used for Ford pickup trucks for the 1998 model year led to a distinction being deployed by those most interested in the vehicles. Ford trucks of the 1993 to 1997 model years are often referred to in such circles as "old body style," or OBS, trucks, although that term can also be used to refer to trucks of any model year up to and including 1997.

Beans Diesel Performance stocks a wide variety of parts designed to improve the power output and reliability of these and other vehicles and is, in fact, one of the leading sources in the country for such needs. The truck upgrade kits Beans Diesel Performance sells are designed to be as easy as possible to install, and many can be successfully used by even those with limited mechanical experience. The company's generous shipping and return policies ensure that its customers will enjoy trouble-free experiences, and these have been key to the development of its large, loyal following.

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One of the country's leading retailers of parts for diesel-powered trucks, Beans Diesel Performance is located in Woodbury, Tenn. The company's wide selection of performance-oriented and other parts and kits is available to walk-in customers at its retail location, as well as to those who make use of its secure, up-to-the-minute website.