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Beard Institute Launches Male Grooming Event for Those with Facial Hair

Beard Institute guarantees men will look their best with these grooming tips


North Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2014 -- Beard Institute proudly announces a one time launch event, designed to increase male grooming standards and abilities. The launch strives to help men obtain the necessary equipment, such as a nose hair and beard trimmer, while reacquainting males with what it means to be a man. "Visit Beard Institute today and see why so many are choosing to allow their facial hair to grow. As this trend grows, men need somewhere to turn to assist them in grooming and maintaining their beard and mustache and this is what Beard Institute is all about," Curt Tarleton, site spokesperson, declares.

Finding the right product isn't always easy, and consumers often become frustrated, as they feel they continue to spend money only to obtain dismal results. Beard Institute understands this and offers real reviews, including text and video write ups, so consumers can see the advantages and disadvantages of each product reviewed. Honest feedback helps to make the buying process easier, and men find the information obtained from the site allows each to make the right decision when it comes to buying grooming tools for their personal use.

Once the right tools are obtained, men must learn how to properly use them for amazing results, and Beard Institute becomes of great assistance here also. Men need to determine the right style for the beard, and an easy way to do this is to grow a full beard and then begin trimming it. Slowly remove hair from the beard until the right look is achieved. "Beard Institute provides detailed instructions on how to trim the beard until the desired style is achieved, and men find information such as this helpful to ensure they look their best at all times," Tarleton explains.

In addition to helping men find the right beard style, the site also covers how to choose an appropriate beard length and managing one's personal grooming routine. Style tips are included, along with a great deal more. "Visit Beard Institute today to determine how best to go about having attractive facial hair. Men across the globe are learning how to have a great beard and mustache quickly and easily with the help of this site devoted to male grooming," Tarleton states.

About Beard Institute
Beard Institute strives to create a place of knowledge for men with beards, especially as the number of men choosing to sport facial hair increases. The site offers real reviews of the top products available today along with informative articles and styling types. Beard Institute wants to be the only place men with facial hair need to go when they want to learn more about current trends, obtain great deals on gear, and discover more when it comes to grooming and maintaining one's beard and mustache.