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BearShare Presents a Platform to Facilitate Sharing and Downloading Music Online

Listening and sharing files has become a common phenomenon. Especially when it comes to sharing different songs and videos.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2013 -- Listening and sharing files has become a common phenomenon. Especially when it comes to sharing different songs and videos, people like to share their playlist with their close ones. One of the software that can make this easier for music freaks is Bearshare. This software makes peer to peer file sharing much easier and also helps in downloading latest songs. People can make their own playlist and share them with their friends and also connect with new people who have same interests. This is an all in one software and to enjoy this experience people need to download bearshare.

Once the music freaks download bearshare they get to see some innovative features that are rarely found in other music players. This software allows the users to access the profiles of other users and have a look at their libraries. This makes song selection much easier and also helps in having a look at the songs that are trending. Downloading songs becomes much easier with the help of this software and all the person needs to do is to click on the link provided near the song. People can also search for songs on the basis of the genre of the songs. The software also has huge collection of retro songs and its collection of songs will simply amaze the users. One can download bearshare on any device as it is compatible with almost all the MP3 devices as well as Apple iPod.

Bearshare has also proved to be a good alternative for Limewire. The users of Limewire can easily import their music library to bearshare and continue downloading and sharing songs. The best part of the software is that it is not limited to one format. Music can be shared in all formats and both audio and video songs can be downloaded. There are three variants of bearshare i.e. the free, lite, and pro version. In the free version people have to face some limits, whereas in the lite version there are some adwares found. One can download bearshare lite and pro by paying little amount of money and this is not very costly as compared to the services it provides.

People who download bearshare will be happy to know that the MusicLab version in available on the support site for free and the features of Pro can be unlocked through subscription of 6-12 months. There is also another option for the users to improve their bearshare experience. They can buy BearShare ToGo for $14.95 monthly. This subscription will enable the music enthusiasts to download premium music and some portable music players as well.

About Bearshare
Bearshare is software made by Music lab that makes music sharing faster and easier. Along with this people can also download those songs that they like. Through this software people can enjoy music as well as discuss about them with their friends. Music lovers can know more about the software by having a look at the abovementioned link.

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