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Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2014 -- One of the benefits to living in the Philadelphia area is the ability of homeowners to experience each of the four seasons, with snow in the winter and sunshine in the summer. However, the roof of homes must also experience the seasons. To best ensure that the home is safe, secure, and not at risk of costly damages associated with living in a four-climate area, it is recommended that homeowners take the steps to have a roofing inspection done. Many companies recommend that roofs be inspected twice yearly, and some are willing to complete a free roofing inspection at no cost to the homeowner.

A well-cared for roof will not only protect the home from damages associated with water entry, but also will prevent cold air entering the home in the winter and cold air escaping in the summer. Though homeowners may care for the roof of the home through snow removal and other actions, it still may not be enough to ensure that the roof withstands the test of time. Sometimes repairs must be done and this is best done by a professional roof contractor, because spotting damage is not always easy.

Damage to a roof cannot always be seen by the naked untrained eye and for this reason, it is recommended that a professional roofing company completes a roofing inspection. While many homeowners are capable of giving roofs a quick glance for damage after the long winter, it is not always enough to spot all damages. A trained roofing contractor will be able to inspect for external damage to the roof, internal damage, and even inspect for dangerous wood-eating bugs around the home.

There are many advantages to having a roof inspection to ensure that a roof is in its best possible shape.

-Roofing inspections detect and diagnose roofing problems before great amounts of structural damage occur. This includes warped wood, leaks, and mold / mildew growth

-Roofing problems caught early on can be fixed promptly

-Waiting allows more damage and causes higher repair costs

-A sturdy roof will protect the home from the elements, including possibly damaging weather in the future

-Lowers electric bills from fans or air conditioning running in the summer, and allowing heat through the home

-Lowers electric/heating bills from heat running in the winter, and escaping through leaks

By ensuring a roof is properly cared for, homeowners will be able to avoid costly mistakes. These mistakes include those that can cause high electric or heating bills, such as cool air entering or escaping the home, or even structural damage to the home. Proper caring for a roof requires a professional inspection and repair in a timely fashion when necessary.

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