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Beating the Blues: a Successful Computerized Depression Treatment Now in Canada

For people with depression, Beating the Blues is a cost-effective holistic method for treating this disease that affects the productivity of Canadians.


Calgary, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2012 -- Depression is a serious health problem. Depression is a common mental health disorder that millions of Canadians suffer from each year. Depression has a tremendous negative impact, affecting virtually all aspects of the depressed person’s life including interpersonal (withdrawal, avoidance, conflict), physical (restlessness and fatigue), behaviour (reduced problem-solving), and thought (reduced concentration and flexibility) functioning.

Depression has enormous negative impact on personal, family, and work functioning. Family problems, interpersonal difficulties, and physical health problems are exacerbated by depression. Work problems include poor morale, underperformance, low motivation, extremes of emotion, conflict, lack of concentration, confusion and difficulties with decision making. This, in turn, leads to more sickness absences, higher turnover and a higher risk for accidents or injuries. The health costs associated with depression are enormous.

Solid scientific evidence supports successful treatment. Numerous scientific studies have shown that depression can be effectively treated using either or both psychotherapy approaches or pharmaceutical interventions. Often effective psychotherapy, such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is difficult to find in the healthcare system because of few resources, overloaded systems, and long waitlists.

New computerized treatments are very effective. Beating the Blues is a computerized modality for delivering effective CBT. There are numerous scientific studies that support its effectiveness with a range of individuals in many different countries. This approach works in collaboration with health professionals such as physicians, psychologists, and social workers.

Beating the Blues is cost effective in today’s healthcare environment. Beating the Blues is a fully computerized treatment for depression and anxiety that is extremely cost effective as it permits health professionals to manage more patients while reducing the need for lengthy face-to-face involvement. This increases access to care while reducing costs. Both patients and health professionals appreciate the convenience, responsiveness and effectiveness of the program and recommend it to friends and colleagues.

Somenta, the Canadian distributor of Beating the Blues, pleased to announce that Organizational Health Inc. (OHI) is launching Beating the Blues to the Canadian market. OHI was the first provider in Canada to introduce an integrated Employee Assistance Program and Disability Management model and offering Beating the Blues to its clients furthers its commitment in holistically addressing employee health.

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