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Joe Budden’s newly-released song has guaranteed to catch his audience’s attention and make them talk about its message. Joe Budden is an American rapper and a solo artist from Jersey City.


Buena Vista, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2016 -- sits on the throne as 1st place for being the hottest music website today for all their latest music and entertainment. is known for their most up to date releases of indie music or independent music in the industry. They aim to bring the gap between the music lovers and music makers by bringing the new generation of bands, artists, and producers together completely for free. brings their fans the freshest track of Joe Budden entitled "Freedom Freestyle" from his single. His new heart melting real track ignited fire in his fans by expressing his message about equality.

According to, Joe Budden's newly-released song has guaranteed to catch his audience's attention and make them talk about its message. Joe Budden is an American rapper and a solo artist from Jersey City. His most famous single from his self-published album is "Pump It Up" which made him famous in the music industry. In his freshest single of indie music, stated that his combination of the military drum with his music energized and charged up his listeners regarding the society. His song inflicted the crimes he has seen in the black community over the years which made it more powerful and intriguing especially with the help of its music video. shares that the song exposes the inappropriate images of the inequality and police brutality happening in front of them.

We may now be enjoying the advantages of the 21st century but, the problem with inequality and racism still living is becoming an alarming problem in the society. emphasizes that Joe's song, stresses to his listeners to open up their eyes and act up about the unnecessary killings to all races in their country. They believe that with the help of indie music, and musicians all over the world, they can move people and influence them to find their voice and believe in themselves. Indie music is not an ordinary type of music. It triggers to give an emotional impact, cultural impact and moral impact to the society. encourages their fans and listeners to give them feedback or suggestions on how they can improve their convenience to listen to their favorite indie music. They have a new playlist for indie instrumentals, winter sounds, day tripper, and indie samples. offers a music collection of indie music and a section for their best collection of entertainment online.

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