Gives Helpful Tips in Getting That Perfect Bridal Hair

Bridal Hair is indeed an important part in each and every wedding in whatever culture it is being celebrated. It is only few moments when a bride has to present her very best before separating herself from the life as a single woman.


Connacht, Dublin -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/04/2014 -- Hairstyles can be considered as an aspect of personal grooming, fashion and even cultural. Different hairstyles had come and go in the fashion industry while some just remains with a little modification. As many say, the hair is a crowning glory most specifically to women. Brides to be take time to treat and take extra care on their hair and scalp before the big day. Hairstyles in weddings had also been considered as a grace and social status, which still exist in some cultures even today.

Based on recent statistics last year, the cost of bridal hair and make-up is equal to 2 to 4 percent of the actual wedding budget which goes up slightly each and every year in the United States alone. This figure changes on the different types of weddings and culture the bride is coming from. This charges alone only reflects that which will be spent during the wedding day.

Gorgeous locks may be achieved all the more by making some preparations prior to celebrating the big day. Here are some professional TIPs on how to achieve the perfect Bridal Hair.

1 – Be Unique in Representing Yourself: Most brides tend to be overwhelmed by the number of hairstyles being shown on bridal magazines and on social networking sites. Although it is great to have numerous options, it is still best to choose that one bridal hairstyle which will make the bride comfortable and confident the entire wedding day. It should be the hairstyle that the bride would love to wear on this special occasion, which will represent her own character and beauty, which everyone in the ceremony would love to see. Brides should stray away from choosing hairstyles that would not reflect the bride’s own personality and style.

2 –Organize a Hair Trial: The bride must have a trial make-up days before the wedding. It is important to bring a picture of the wedding dress so the make-up artist would have an idea on how the hair and the make-up will compliment the style and design of the gown. It is also important to create a connection between the bride and the make-up artist and hairstylist so there will be a comfortable discussion on what the bride wants and how it can relate to the feel and motif of the wedding.

3 – Take Extra Care: A bride must pay attention to hair care weeks even months before the wedding. It is imperative to keep healthy locks by applying nourishing conditioners at least once a week up until the wedding day. This extra products will keep the hair extra shiny and full of volume on the most awaited day. It is also important to visit a salon once every six to eight weeks to ensure that the hair remains healthy. Professional care from salon specialists may also give some tips on how to fully maintain beautiful hair until the wedding day.

4 – Feel Free to Accessorize: There are numerous hair accessories available to add glamour on any bridal hair. However, these accessories are dependent on the look the bride wants to present which must also fit the wedding motif and celebration Aperfect example is a Swarovski crystal brooch which creates an elegant classic look. Still there are other accessories, which may show the youthfulness of the bride such as jeweled barrettes, while some use veils to create traditional styles.

5 – Be Open-Minded: Since there are a lot of bridal hair options available today, it is also best for the bride to look at other options the hairstylist is suggesting. There might be a look that the bride may take as bold and uncomfortable but changes when it is already done on the hair. If the hairstylist suggests a style that the bride has not tried before, she should have a try on it first without any pressure. After all it is only during the hairstyle and make-up trial that the bride must decide on which look she would like to wear on the big day.

Bridal Hair is indeed an important part in each and every wedding in whatever culture it is being celebrated. It is only few moments when a bride has to present her very best before separating herself from the life as a single woman. Thus, is very important to keep her crowning glory beautiful at all times on the big day.

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