"Beautiful Monsters" by Cynthia Ogren - A Love Story That Will Keep Readers Wanting More

Summer reading may soon be over but fall readers will welcome with open arms Cynthia Orgen’s new release Beautiful Monsters. It is the next good book you’ll want to spend your weekend with.


San Antonio, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2014 -- Beautiful Monsters is the story of makeup artist Riley Rinaldi. She has it all: beauty, wealth, talent, and undeniable sex appeal. But is that really all that’s needed in life? Poor Riley is besieged by her past and with the very attributes so many envy, she lives a lonely life devoid of the one commodity she cannot grasp--love.

All that changes when sexy heartthrob Keller Cross swaggers onto the set of Beautiful Monsters. In little or no time, Riley’s self-protective veneer cracks wide open. Her dormant passion ignites as the bad-boy actor thrusts her onto the volatile glass stage of Hollywood celebrity--and down into the depths of his sordid sexual deviancy.

This, “I can’t wait to read the next page,” book is set against a backdrop of studio politics, fame, jealousy, unrequited love and white-hot chemistry exploding onto the film set. All this drama incinerates their former lives and exposes the unseemly underbelly of La La Land known as Hollyweird, or Hollywood. Does love stand a chance among the beautiful monsters? Can it survive?

“Beautiful Monsters, is a well-written and enjoyable story. While it does contain some scenes that could be considered steamy and mildly erotic, they are tastefully written, and I did not find them at all offensive,” wrote Jack Magnus in a review.

“Riley and Keller are marvelous characters, both of whom are flawed and very human...Beautiful Monsters is quite a good read. I found myself reluctant to put it down until I had finished the last page. It's highly recommended."

Get your copy today and decide for yourself.

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