Beautiful Taiwan Tea

Beautiful Taiwan Tea Offers a Wide Variety of High Mountain Oolong Tea at Affordable Prices

Beautiful Taiwan Tea offers a wide variety of high mountain Oolong tea at affordable prices.


Zionsville, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2013 -- Beautiful Taiwan Tea offers a wide variety of high mountain Oolong tea at affordable prices. The various kinds of high mountain Oolong tea available at the company such as Four Springs Oolong, Golden Lily Oolong, Misty Mountain Oolong and Shan Lin XI Special Res, etc. have become popular a lot among the consumers worldwide.

The company specializes in offering best quality tea procured directly from the artisan farmers who made them high in the mountains on their small family farms. The tea is hand-picked, hand-roasted, whole-leaf and fresh for use. The company also offers the best quality Chinese Oolong tea which is known for its health benefits.

Regarding health benefits from the Chinese Oolong tea, a spokesperson for the company says, “It improves digestion, stress relief, weight loss and maintenance and enhances memory. It is one of the most distinctive teas around. The Chinese Oolong tea available at this company is fresh, hand-picked and hand roasted. The company also offers tea lovers with starter kits which have a nice assortment of diverse flavour teas in one pack.”

The company also strives to offer customers the best quality Taiwan Oolong tea which is planted in the central mountains of Taiwan. It has been major areas of production for the world famous Oolong. Taiwan Oolong tea has a strong unique varietal fragrance and tastes rich, smooth and carries a strong pleasant aftertaste.

About Beautiful Taiwan Tea
The Beautiful Taiwan Tea Company Company has been fulfilling the needs of tea lovers for the past many years. Their inexpensive yet supreme quality flavoured teas like red leaf tea and green leaf tea give the drinkers a completely rejuvenating experience. It offers green tea, black tea and Chinese Oolong tea grown by artisan farmers on small family farms in the pristine Taiwan Mountains. Beautiful Taiwan Tea is also dedicated to provide customers with the finest loose leaf green tea experience possible. Their online tea store is the best platform to buy the best of the kind teas at the lowest price range.

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