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Beautiful Taiwan Tea Offers Baozhong Green Oolong Tea at Affordable Prices

Beautiful Taiwan Tea offers Baozhong Green Oolong Tea at affordable prices.


Zionsville, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- Beautiful Taiwan Tea offers Baozhong Green Oolong Tea at affordable prices. Baozhong Oolong Tea is a Chinese high mountain Oolong tea variety which gives great taste along with numerous health advantages. The company produces several tea brands which are popular amongst the consumers.

The company specializes in offering best quality tea procured directly from the artisan farmers who grow them at high mountains of their small family farms. The tea is hand-picked, hand-roasted, whole-leaf and fresh for use.

Regarding the Baozhong organic green tea a spokesperson for the company says, “This tea is lightly roasted at a level that blurs the line between oolong and green tea. It steeps to bright green liquor with a very refreshing flavour and floral overtones. An excellent choice if you like green teas!”

He further added, “You can drink this tea any time of day and all day long. Each cup is enjoyable and fragrant. It’s also very easy to brew. Like all of our teas, this tea comes to you straight from the farm where we procured it from high in the mountains on a family farm of acquaintances of our family. It’s fresh, clean and grown without pesticides. This is a very nice Chinese oolong tea from Taiwan

Baozhong Green Oolong Tea offers numerous many health benefits such as it helps in reducing weight, boosts immunity, reduces risk heart attack, keep diabetes in control, and fight against cancers and others. Customers can order this product from company’s online portal and can enjoy the best. The company’s website also offers various other teas like black tea, red tea for sale online.

About Beautiful Taiwan tea
Beautiful Taiwan Tea Company has been fulfilling the needs of tea lovers for the past many years. Their inexpensive yet supreme quality flavored teas like red leaf tea and green leaf tea give the drinkers a completely rejuvenating experience. It offers green tea, black tea and Taiwan oolong tea grown by artisan farmers on small family farms in the pristine Taiwan Mountains. Beautiful Taiwan Tea is also dedicated to provide customers with the finest loose leaf green tea experience possible. Their online tea store is the best platform to buy the best of the kind teas at the lowest price range.

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