Becky and Steve Holman Old School New Body Review - Does It Work


Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2013 -- Old School New Body is a fat loss and nutrition program developed by Steve Holman and his wife, Becky Holman. Their system is specifically aimed at people over 35 who believe gaining weight and losing muscle are an inevitable part of the aging process. Nothing could be farther from the truth! The problem is that the conventional wisdom about diet and exercise works for a little while when you’re young, but when you get older you have to do things differently. The five principles in the Old School New Body book actually slow down the aging process.

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1. Start eating more fat. Believe it or not, fat is good for you! You just have to eat healthy, natural fats and avoid the unnatural ones like polyunsaturated fats.

2. Cut out the cardiovascular training. When you work out for long periods, your body creates more free radicals that accelerate the aging process and increase your risk of cancer.

3. Don’t let your age hold you back. Nowadays, there are people in their fifties (like the fitness expert, Tony Horton) who are more youthful than some people in their twenties. It’s because they know how to diet and exercise properly.

4. Drink more water. This one is common knowledge, but it needs to be emphasized because people forget about it. Plenty of water is good for your skin, your kidneys, and your liver. Not only that, it helps you burn fat.

5. Exercise smarter, not longer. There’s no need to spend hours at the gym if you want to be in shape. This can actually slow down your progress. Instead, short but very intense workout routines are far more effective.

Old School New Body is amazing. People who are not quite 35 yet, but they have already noticed that it’s getting harder to stay in shape. That’s why they got so interested in pale/low-carb dieting. It actually works. So as far as diet and nutrition, this program explains a lot of things many people already knew. But the information is great if you’re new to these concepts.

As for the exercise routines… people used to spend 90 minutes in the gym every day. But the F4X protocol only requires people to spend 90 minutes in the gym every week, and user’s actually making progress! People had been experimenting with lots of workouts and weren’t seeing much muscle growth. But now that they have been working on this one for about a month, they already see huge progress.

People have to do four specific exercises with slight variations, and they don’t take long. The idea is to hit entire muscle groups all at once. They get just as good of a workout, but they’re not stuck at the gym all day.

To sum up, the program works, it’s easy to use, it comes with tons of bonuses, and it’s very affordable. Most people have seen some complaints that customer service is slow to respond, but it has to do with the fact that this book has exploded in popularity and they’re a little overwhelmed.

Click here to download Old School New Body Ebook