Becky Wells Announces Details Related to Health and Wellness Event


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2013 -- Becky Wells today announced the details related to health and wellness event scheduled to be held on September 24, 2013 at the Chequer Mead Arts Centre East Grinstead. The event would be an interactive talk where Becky will be advising people on losing weight along with certain health tips. The event would also include local personal trainers explaining the combined hypnotherapy techniques as well as the related benefits. On the occasion, Becky said, “My passion is helping people to be the person they want to be. Sometimes we let fears get in the way of achieving goals and this is the case for the majority of us. Hypnotherapy is such a powerful tool and I am excited to share my knowledge.” She further added, “By combining hypnotherapy techniques with exercise I can help you take back control of your weight and achieve your goals.”

According to the sources, the interactive talk will be on various topics including the power of belief, how fears can take one in the wrong direction and taking back control of memories. According to the sources, the combination of fitness training and hypnotherapy has helped many people to achieve their goals. When contacted, Simona, a regular follower of Becky said, “I am excited for the interactive talk on 24th September. I am already taking tips from Becky on how to be slim and how to increase confidence in me. I am really thankful to her that she has given a new direction to my passive thoughts and life.” She further added, “This event can be very helpful for all the people who think that they cannot do anything, it can help them to initiate a new life style by giving them self-confidence.”

Sources confirmed that the interactive talk on September 24 would include different concerns by Becky. People who are suffering with weight problem can get best diet plans, training advice and tips. The event would also teach people to believe in them.

About Becky Wells
Becky Wells has been working in the fitness industry for many years and specializes in treating people referred by GPs and others. Becky is also the founder of pay it forward UK, a non for profit organisation offering people to give a little back to the community in everyday life. She is a qualified Hypnotherapist with practices in Harley Street, Sussex and Surrey.

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