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Become a Smart Parent by Following the Tips in How Not to Kill Your Kids Before They Turn 18

This book is written by Tonya E. Joyner for parents who are in urgent need of new ways to raise their children


Greensboro, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2013 -- All parents are well aware of the difficulties in raising their children. In order to steer kids towards adulthood in a proper manner, they require support and assistance. Parents who are concerned with their young one’s communication issues, bad behavior or other general problems can purchase the book How Not To Kill Your Kids Before They Turn 18 written by Tonya E. Joyner.

This book has been written to help people in dealing successfully with the common issues evolving out of parent–child relationship. Tonya E. Joyner is said to have added a number of methods and approaches to handle different problems faced by kids. All these are explained in a simple and comprehensive way for the reader to derive benefit from them.

A book signing and discussion event related to How Not To Kill Your Kids Before They Turn 18 will be conducted for readers on December 6th 2013 in Deep Roots Market. This book appears to cover relevant and appropriate parenting basics and includes titles such as A Solid Foundation, You Are a Role Model, Be Patient and Forgiving, Have a Longevity Outlook (Long Term Perspective), Team Mindset and more.

The author says, “I am not a psychologist, therapist, counselor or licensed professional in this area, I’m a person who has kids, works with kids, teaches kids, has helped others raise their kids and has taken notes on how people raise their kids, I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.”

Each chapter of the book How Not To Kill Your Kids Before They Turn 18 by Tonya E. Joyner is enriched with a number of parenting tips, tricks, and advice. Those who are interested in purchasing this book can buy it from This informative book is filled with the personal experiences of the author. Therefore, by following the tips therein, most of the parents can navigate their children towards leading a good quality life.

Some of the topics covered in this book include How Organization Can Handle Paper Flow & Improve Study Skills, How to Put a System in Place, Communication & Disagreements and more. In addition, it also sheds light on Behavior Modification for Kids &Adults and Hot Topics (sneaking out, dating, sex, drugs, social media and so on).

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About Tonya E. Joyner
Tonya E. Joyner is the mother of three kids, an author, entrepreneur, educator and trainer. With several years of experience in handling and dealing with children, Tonya E. Joyner has released a book named How Not To Kill Your Kids Before They Turn 18. This book contains hundreds of parenting tips, advice and tricks.

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