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Becoming a Soccer Coach: New Football Book Now Published

Bennion Kearny is pleased to announce the publication of Making The Ball Roll: A Complete Guide to Youth Football for the Aspiring Soccer Coach by Ray Power.


Staffordshire, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2014 -- Making the Ball Roll: A Complete Guide to Youth Football for the Aspiring Soccer is a complete guide to coaching youth soccer. It details training practices and tactics, and showsreaders how to help young players achieve peak performance through tactical preparation, communication, psychology, and age-specific considerations.

Each chapter covers, in detail, a separate aspect of coaching to give soccer coaches a broad understanding of youth soccer development. Each topic contains numerous stories from real coaches working with real players.

Aimed at new coaches, as well as existing coaches looking to improve work with players - Making The Ball Rollis a comprehensive and accessible guide. It is available through all good online retailers.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Understanding the Argument for Development Over Results
Chapter 2. Understanding the Modern Youth Development Coach
Chapter 3. Understanding Teaching and Learning in Soccer
Chapter 4. Understanding Psychology in Soccer
Chapter 5. Understanding Communication in Soccer
Chapter 6. Understanding Leadership and the Team
Chapter 7. Understanding Age-Specific Development Needs
Chapter 8. Developing a Coaching Philosophy and Syllabus
Chapter 9. Understanding Technical Development and Skill Acquisition
Chapter 10. Understanding the Tactical Development of Soccer Players
Chapter 11. Understanding the Physical Development of Youth Soccer Players
Chapter 12. Understanding the Modern Goalkeeper
Chapter 13. Understanding Talent Identification and Assessment of Players
Chapter 14. Understanding Parents
Chapter 15. Looking in the Mirror First

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