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Bed Bug Exterminator Chicago Launches New Website to Promote Their Services Online

Bed Bug Exterminator Chicago has created a new website in order to promote their cutting edge bed bug and insect extermination services online, using the latest techniques and approaches.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2015 -- Over the last few years America has experienced a bed bug epidemic, and the proliferation of these tiny but infuriating creatures has spread throughout the country. Chicago's climate has seemed particularly choice for the infestation, which has proven difficult to eradicate, with homeowners seeking any recourse they can to be rid of the creatures. Fortunately, Bed Bug Exterminator has just launched its new website in order to ensure people easily find fast, effective and affordable help online.

The website has been designed with the latest sensibilities in mind, making good use images, video and multimedia combined with plain-English content that helps explain their offer to potential customers in a dynamic and engaging way. The website is fully responsive and flexibly resizes to any screen size, from cell phone to flat screen monitor.

Just as the website uses the latest techniques for online engagement, so the company uses the latest techniques for getting rid of bed bugs. They utilize the latest tools and approaches, performed by highly skilled and experienced specialists, to ensure bed bugs are effectively eradicated from Chicago homes.

A spokesperson for explained, "We have created a contact form on the homepage of our site that can help people get in touch with us immediately for a free quote. Our website is mobile friendly so individuals can find us quickly on any device. We hope to be the number one online presence for Chicago bed bug extermination services because we provide the latest extermination techniques available. Clients who have used our services already testify to this, and thanks to the power of the internet, we can help more homes than ever free themselves of the bed bug scourge once and for all."

About Bed Bug Exterminator Chicago
Bed Bug Exterminator Chicago offer a quick and painless solution to the bed bug problem in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Their skilled and experienced extermination team provides a wide range of the leading technological solutions including heat treatment, chemical and freezing methods that make them the top exterminators in all of Chicago.

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