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Bed Bug Toronto Firm Provides the Latest in Pest Control Services


Troutdale, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2013 -- Toronto residents and businesses in search of a final answer to the problem of bed bug infestation will find it securing a novel ‘heat treatment’ extermination method, announces the pest control firm Bed Bugs and Beyond. The company has launched an expanded promotional campaign for their website, with extensive attention to the given to the leading edge environmentally friendly approach to pest removal of raising the temperature at key locations of the space treated, to produce the “Thermal Death” point of the Bed Bug. Toronto clients are already reported to be flocking to the fascinating new service.

Many residential managers are increasingly turning to the newer techniques to not only end infestation, but to prevent it from being an ongoing concern. “We’re using the heat treatment method. We used to do chemical treatment and transitioned both heat and insecticides, and we found the heat treatment was a lot more effective,” says Dave Baldwin, a Housing Authority executive in Virginia. He adds, “it’s not just treating the problem, but its educating people about changing behaviors to not bring the problem back,” noting that many residents keep excessive clutter in their homes, which invites bugs to fester.

The bed bug Toronto epidemic afflicting homes, hotels and offices requires a strong and final solution, as afforded by the heat treatment approach taken by Bed Bugs and Beyond. The site recommends visitors review all the information related to the method in order to be comforted in knowing there is an effective protocol for eliminating the pest problem, regardless of how widespread it may appear. The firm's two-pronged approach of providing consumer information and delivery of professional work is part of the new standard of service expressed by pest removal companies who have an online presence.

About Bed Bugs and Beyond
The site and firm offers a 90 day guarantee for all exterminations performed using the heat method, during which time they continue to provide consulting and consumer education to each client regarding ongoing measures to take to prevent a return of bed bugs to the premises. The company operates primarily in the greater Toronto metropolitan area and surrounding Ontario regions. The specialized use of heat treatments have become increasingly popular, observers of the test control industry predict sites promoting this method will continue to find rising demand for this technique in the months to come.

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