BedBug911 Is Chasing Bedbugs out of NYC

BedBug911 is running thicker-skinned bedbugs right out of town!


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2016 -- With their innovative approach to extermination, BedBug911 is chasing bedbugs out of NYC. The company has accomplished much of its success in getting rid of bedbugs by evolving their methods and techniques as the bedbugs evolve themselves.

During the surge of the bedbug epidemic in the late 2000s, many people experienced growing frustrations with the lack of available bedbug treatment options. Many chemical pesticides were banned, and bedbugs had evolved to resist most others with their thicker than normal skin. BedBug911 developed a solution to combat this issue.

By teaming up with sister company Hygea Natural to develop a natural bedbug extermination product, BedBug911 found a way to chase bedbugs out of NYC that was both safe and effective. Using the Hygea Natural sprays in combination with their 3 Step Process has made BedBug911 a leader in bedbug extermination.

Bedbugs have developed a resistance to chemical pesticides by developing a thicker skin which protects them, and buys them time to escape extermination just long enough to repopulate. These newly evolved bedbugs have been tough on exterminators everywhere, and are directly related to the bedbug epidemic of the current decade. BedBug911 responds to the evolving bedbugs with comprehensive bedbug extermination techniques.

About BedBug911
BedBug911 uses a process that ensures bedbugs cannot hide from nor escape extermination, and since the products they use are made of natural ingredients the bedbugs have no way of becoming genetically immune. The company is a driving force in eradicating bedbugs from New York, and their extermination services have resulted unrivaled success in eradicating bedbugs from NYC.

The combination of BedBug911's 3 Step Process and their use of natural extermination sprays means that BedBug911 is able to provide bedbug extermination services rarely found on the market. The company is one of very few that is able to successfully get rid of bedbugs without employing the use of harmful chemicals.

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