Marketing Exclusive Group Helps Pet Owners Identify, Prevent and Remove Bed Bugs While Traveling with Pets


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/20/2012 -- In recent years, pet owners have had to face a new concern regarding reports that pets may spread bed bugs. Misinformation regarding this topic is widespread throughout the Internet, and the truth is that bed bugs do not live on their hosts, they live in around bedding. So pets won’t carry bed bugs but their bedding may become infested. Education is key in learning how to identify bed bug bites and subsequently how to remove them.

“Even though bugs feed on pets, these bugs do not live on their host. While it may be possible for pets to transport bugs from one room to another, this is coincidental. Keep in mind that multiple groups of bed bugs may live in a home and pets did not cause this,” explained a spokesperson. is gaining attention as a premier resource to help pet owners and other consumers identify, prevent and remove bed bugs to prevent bed bug bites and infestations. The independent website provides the extensive editorial content and bed bug pictures necessary for the proper identification of the tiny, wingless parasitic insects. covers a plethora of editorial content, topics including Bed Bug Symptoms, Bed Bug Bites, Infestation Prevention, Treatment for Home, Bed Bug Proof Covers, Bed Bug Pictures to name but a few are covered in detail. The site is designed to provide education and guidance for preventing and eliminating bed bug problems, whether traveling with pets or living at home.

A spokesperson explained the objective of the site:

“Our website’s mission is to provide comprehensive information about bed bugs, so consumers can be informed, protecting themselves, their pets and their homes from bed bug bites and infestations. We give clear concise advice without the hysteria that the mainstream media employs.”

Because identification is the first step, provides pictures and information on the bed bug bites to help consumers determine if their bites match the photos. The extensive editorial content covers in detail the variety of options available for preventing and treating a bed bug infestation once a positive identification is made.

From bed bug steamers and sprays to choosing a professional pest control company specializing in bed bug removal, covers all of the options available, so consumers can make an informed decision.

About is an independent website providing extensive editorial content, advice, high quality photos and research to help consumers prevent and eliminate bed bug bites and infestations. Consumers use the site to properly identify the insects through bed bug pictures and learn about the best options available for prevention and treatment, whether at home or traveling with pets. Learn more at