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Bedford Slims Brings Fashion to Function


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2012 -- Bedford Slims has announced the launch of their next generation version in their popular Vapourette series.

Bedford Slim’s newest “dream e-cig” is a hybrid model of two different types of popular electronic cigarette – “The 510” (Ciggy Style) and the KR808d models. With the new update users can expect a smooth draw, a lighter weight body, better recharge times, and a naturally cool product.

The model is available in both stainless steel as well as their flagship black tartan design. To make the product more accessible the Bedford Slims sales philosophy has been to keep the price to get started at the price of a pack of cigarettes in their beloved home - Brooklyn, NY.

Bedford Slims products have been getting rave reviews from consumers Larry 26 from Brooklyn commented

“I tried a few e-cigarettes before, but never could settle on one. This thing (holding up the Bedford Slims Vapourette) is the only thing I will use it also just looks cool”.

Electronic cigarettes are amongst one of the fastest growing industries in the nation, with over 3-million people cited as having used the product in the past three years. Leading studies across the world are showing strong promise that these may be the most viable smoking cessation aid.

Bedford Slims touts a 32% customer retention rate with their online entity alone, an industry high. “At Bedford Slims we are constantly pushing the limits to make a product so akin to the smoking experience, smokers don’t realize they are quitting smoking,” CEO Jesse S. Gaddis, age 30, exclaims, “And with our new design we have taken the smoking experience one step further”.

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The original Bedford Slims Vapourette was designed in 2010 in a cramped 3-bedroom apartment Brooklyn, NY and solved a lot of issues of the time for many mainstream e-cigarettes such as leakages, low quality batteries, poor cartomizer construction, and insufficient pulls. Bedford Slims is now a prominent name in Electronic Cigarettes in New York City, and has begun expanding its store presence in other major US as well as international markets. For more information visit http://bedfordslims.com