BEE Achieves in Haworth's Beijing Showroom the First LEED Version 4 Certification in the World


Beijing, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2013 -- Haworth, a world leader in office furniture, has recently opened its Beijing showroom, recognized as the world’s first certified LEED CI project under the USGBC’s new LEED v4 program. BEE – Bisagni Environmental Enterprise, an international sustainability engineering consultancy, worked closely with Haworth on following the guidelines for LEED certification in this newest version of LEED. BEE has worked with Haworth on the successful LEED certification for this showroom as well as Haworth’s Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong showrooms.

The project entailed calculation, documentation and submission work for the new organic showroom. Haworth successfully earned 71 credits and was awarded LEED v4 Gold for Commercial Interiors (CI) certification, making it the first LEEDv4 CI project in the world. BEE took care to find every opportunity for green design and construction and focused on important environmental concerns such as water use reduction - reducing water usage by up to 53%. However, BEE took it beyond water conservation, by doing the following:

- Increased energy efficiency by reducing consumption by 59% thanks to optimizing lighting design and fixtures.

- To ensure a low VOC indoor environment, 93% of the furniture in the space is either Greenguard certified or has been transferred from an existing showroom. A low VOC environment promotes tenants’ comfort, well-being, and productivity by improving indoor air quality.

- Added lighting controls using daylight and occupancy sensors to reduce lighting use

- 90% of the appliances and equipment used in the showroom is Energy Star Rated

- 60% of the interior features are reused elements, while 83% of waste was recycled rather than being taken to a landfill

In addition to being LEED certified, the project features ergonomic touches such as quality views and shared/flexible working spaces. BEE prides itself on helping improve any project's environmental, social and economic impact. Their work on Haworth's showroom projects demonstrates their commitment to providing quality sustainable projects for any business with a variety of methods. BEE works to identify every facet of a LEED project to meet the company's sustainable goals, and has worked with such clients as Gucci, Shangri-La, and Starbucks.

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