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Bee Chems Offers Lithium Hydroxide, a White Hygroscopic Crystalline Material, from Best Processing Facilities


Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2018 -- A premium supplier of industrial chemicals, Bee Chems offers Lithium Hydroxide, a white hygroscopic crystalline material obtained from best mined ores and top processing facilities. Basically an inorganic compound, Lithium Hydroxide is partially soluble in ethanol and highly soluble in water. It is produced either in monohydrate form, with the formula LiOH.H2O, or produced in anhydrous form, which is used in many commercial applications. Its packaging is done in 20 to 25 kg Kraft paper bags, 100 kg drums, and 5 kg PE Bags, that too in cartons. Furthermore, the company also provide custom packing options, depending on the varied requirements of the customers. This lithium compound is extensively used for a variety of applications, including:

- As a heat transfer medium and as a storage-battery electrolyte
- In ceramics and some Portland cement formulations
- Lithium Ion batteries and solar panels
- Grease and lubricants; and many others

Founded in 1972, Bee Chems has over time become one of the most renowned suppliers of industrial chemicals in India. They have a dedicated team of engineers who combine their technical knowledge along with their vast experience to provide best quality products to the customers. Due to their diligence, the company has successfully amassed a strong customer base across India. Besides Lithium Hydroxide, they also provide various other products such as Molecular Sieves, Investment Casting Slurry Systems, Cationic Additives, & Acid Resistant Mortars, to name a few.

Talking further about Lithium Hydroxide, a representative of Bee Chems stated, "Lithium Hydroxide is offered in multiple grades such as Industry grade, Battery grade, Grease grade, & High Purity grade. Usually, all grades contain 56.5% LiOH and 99.9% LiOH.H2O. This inorganic compound is used as a medium for transfer of heat and as a storage-battery electrolyte. It is also used in some Portland cement formulations, Lithium-Ion batteries, and Solar Panels. Furthermore, Lithium Hydroxide is also used to alkalize the reactor coolant."

About Bee Chems
Bee Chems has been serving the need for Silica and Alumina chemicals since 1972. Solving the problems of customers and working on improving their profitability, was the driving force behind setting up the company. Bee Chems has been a constant innovator in the field of silica and alumina chemistry and has regularly produced first of its kind products in India and global markets. With growing integration with global economies, Team Bee Chems is now putting in every active effort to bring out more such innovative products.

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