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Bee Creative Mobile Apps Is an Emerging Leader in the Small Business Mobile App Scene


Union, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2013 -- It has been predicted that in the next couple of years more people will switch over to using internet on their smart phone and tablet PCs as compared to desktop computers, this trend clearly hints that business owners, and online marketers should not wait to act upon their mobile marketing plans. Most certainly the time to act is now, mobile marketing is taking over.

Bee Creative is a company that brings business owners and online marketers the chance to make their presence on their customer’s mobiles through effective smart phone apps. People now spend more time on their smart phone and tablet computers than they would sitting in front of desktop computers. Let's face it, mobiles are less restrictive and allow people to connect to people, places and businesses on the go. Similarly, effective mobile marketing and mobile apps allow business owners and marketers to go to their customer rather than wait for them to come. For this reason, mobile Apps are a necessary part of any business’s overall business strategy. Having a business’s name and logo present on their customer’s mobile screen as a button, which allows the customer to directly connect to the business’s information and offers is a huge advantage and Bee Creative can allow business owners and marketers to engage and communicate directly with all their customers.

Due to the reason that mobile marketing is an up and coming trend, which is becoming a top priority for many businesses, getting a mobile app developed is often an expensive job, one that small business owners are choosing to avoid due to the high prices. BeeCR8V provides its customers with a completely affordable, branded mobile app for their business. Customers can choose to have an iPhone, iPad and Android Mobile App built with HTML 5 compatibility and also be in complete control of their mobile marketing.

Bee Creative mobile apps will allow business owners to seamlessly integrate all of their social media and web based systems into the mobile app. Furthermore, the customers will have access to over 35 great mobile app features allowing them to create a more efficient business mobile app that makes connecting to customers much easier and more productive. Bee Creative has tailored different monthly packages with different prices to suit the different needs of their customers. Customers can also choose to upgrade their package at any time.

Bee Creative mobile business apps are suitable for all types of different businesses and industries such as Musicians, Bars, Restaurants, Salons and Spa, Realtors, Law firms and Attorneys and many others.

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