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Beef U: Insightful New Book Proves That Big Business Has Ruined Our Dinner

Written as a witty yet frankly honest chronicle, William D. Carlton’s new book sets the record straight on the meat industry, the Government’s involvement in displacing millions of workers – and how every American and their plate has suffered during the process.


Detroit, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2012 -- Detroit, MI – As the only book about the meat industry to have been written by a true insider, William D. Carlton had a lot of explaining to do. In fact, ‘BEEF U: How Big Business Ruined Your Dinner’, provides a fascinating insight into the industry that is satisfying the literary appetites of readers everywhere.


“The story of a young man and his journey to becoming a beef boner, the most highly skilled trade in the beef industry, chronicles the last years of an era before independent packers were eliminated all across America by big business tactics. Now a ghost town, Detroit's packinghouse district was a dynamic colorful community crushed out of existence by large corporations destroying hard won careers and negatively affecting us all. Today's profit trumps all mentality has increased the cost of the beef we eat as much as it has reduced the quality, in the most insidious ways.

Filled with funny and dramatic stories of a salty old working man and well-seasoned with fascinating characters, BEEF U brings to life the packinghouse district where it was an adventure to work. Broader than just the beef industry, it serves as an example of what has happened in virtually all business and industry taking the joy out of our jobs and lowering our standard of living. BEEF U is the first true insider's look into the beef business and a reminder of how good life was for the American worker back before corporations achieved ‘wage slavery’.”

As the author explains, the theme and social content of his book applies to millions of people outside of the meat industry itself.

“My experiences are akin to and of interest to millions of displaced workers and independent businessmen whose industries have gone through similar changes. ’The Wal Mart effect' which has decimated careers and small businesses affects us all in the price, quality and availability of our products and services. The book serves as a perfect example of this,” explains Carlton.

Since its launch, ‘Beef U’ has achieved a consistent string of five-star reviews.

“What an interesting read. I highly recommended for anyone interested in labor history and whatever happened to skilled trade. Great history of Detroit and it's market, and very colorful people. I could not put this book down. It takes you to a wonderful trip back in time when America was still America! Before the big box companies took over our minds bodies and souls,” says D.W.S, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

As Carlton affirms, his book serves an important double purpose, “It also sets the record straight on the meat industry which has been consistently attacked and criticized by investigative reporters and authors creating drama with embellished second hand accounts and misinterpreted outsider observations.”

‘BEEF U: How Big Business Ruined Your Dinner’ is available directly from amazon.com http://amzn.to/SAyK5n

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About William D Carlton
Not rich, not famous, not greedy, William D Carlton has been an American working man all his life and is damn proud of it. It's been a good life but no longer a good living.