Joe Bragg Helps Visitors Find Their New Favorite Beer with Detailed Beer Reviews and Rankings


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2013 -- Beer is the world’s oldest and most popular alcoholic beverage. Beer consumption began at around the same time as the Agricultural Revolution over 12,000 years ago. Over that time, a wide range of beer flavors, types, and styles have been developed across the world.

A website called wants to help beer enthusiasts make sense of all different types of beers. At, visitors will discover detailed beer reviews and ratings. The website is dedicated to helping beer drinkers find a new favorite type of beer while introducing them to beers that they may never have tried before.

Visitors can sort through beer rankings based on a number of factors, including the style of beer, the brewery, and the country where that beer is made. Or, visitors who simply want to learn what the best beer in the world is can view the website’s popular list of “The World’s Best Beers” overall.

All beers are ranked out of five stars. Sample beer styles include American, Japanese, and European lagers, as well as Belgian, French, English, and German ales, among others. As a spokesperson for explains, the goal of the site is to make it easy for visitors to discover a new favorite beer:

“Men and women all over the world love beer. However, drinking the same beer over and over again can get boring. We encourage our visitors to expand their horizons and try a different brew from time to time. Most of the beers listed on our site can be found in stores around the world, making it easy for visitors to read the information on our website and then head to their local bottle shop to try it out.”

Those who appreciate a good wheat ale, for example, can sort through the wheat ale category on the website, and there are categories for most popular beer types from around the world, including a real ale category as well as more obscure beer types like Kölsch or Russian Imperial Stout.

Along with featuring beer reviews and rankings, offers an entertaining blog that includes beer facts, beer humor, and general beer interest articles. Sample articles include:

-“4 Health Benefits Beer Drinkers Can Enjoy”
-“9 Reasons Why Beer is Better Than Wine”
-“7 of the Funniest Beer Names in the World”

Whether searching for a new favorite beer or simply interested in learning more about beers from around the world, the website aims to make it easy for beer lovers to expand their palates and try something new.

About is a beer review website that ranks some of the world’s most popular stouts, ales, lagers, and more. The website also features a blog filled with interesting beer articles, including beer humor and beer facts. For more information, please visit: