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Before Putting the Pedal to the Metal, Drivers Are Checking out


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2012 -- To many people, nothing is better than hopping into a car and stepping on the gas pedal. Cars can represent the ultimate freedom, but drivers also have a big responsibility to drive safely. If they do not, they risk hurting themselves and others. However, driving defensively does not necessarily mean taking the fun out of driving. There is a way to fully enjoy driving in a safe manner, and drivers across the Internet have discovered this thanks to a website called Fun and Safe Driving. Mikhail Alexandrov, the founder of Fun and Safe Driving explains why his passion for driving led him to create this website:

“I love exploring traffic patterns, experimenting with them, and exploiting them to my advantage. I love pushing my car and myself to the limit, and sometimes even over the limit. I just enjoy my being on the road; it is a source of fun for me. I've been operating cars, bikes, and trucks for many years. And I believe I know how to make it safe. My driving record supports my belief. This is what they usually call defensive driving, and I learned this not in school, but on the road.”

“I built this site to share my defensive driving experience with you, so you can benefit from it, too. And I would love to hear about your defensive driving experience, which could complement mine and bring to us some synergy to enjoy. I hope we get more defensive (i.e. safe and thinking) drivers on our roads and highways this way, making our lives more fun and more safe,” declares Alexandrov.

On the Fun and Safe Driving website, visitors will find a wide range of articles on defensive driving, covering topics such as basic driving skills, defensive driving, driving tips and tricks and Mapquest driving directions. One of the latest articles to be added to the website informs drivers about achieving better mileage and includes a list of gas-saving tips.

This website will have curious visitors driving safely in no time. The Video Library will allow drivers to see for themselves how to sit properly while driving, how to drive around slippery corners and more. An extensive Encyclopedia section gives drivers the definitions of commonly used driving terms. There is even a forum where drivers and driving fans can interact with each other online, sharing their own tips and experiences related to driving.

About Fun and Safe Driving
The site was established in 2006 by Mikhail Alexandrov, an experienced driver and former car engine designer who wanted to share his passion about driving and give sensible advice to young or inexperienced drivers. The site, which is updated on a regular basis, has articles and videos devoted to different aspects of driving, driving forums and driving encyclopedia.

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