Beginners Guide to Zen Now Available on Amazon

Amazon has added a new book to their platform that helps people learn the secrets of Zen


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/28/2015 -- William Miyagi, author of "Taoism: The Complete Guide to Learning Taoism for Beginners", has released his second eBook on Amazon as a Kindle Edition. The new book is called "Zen: Zen for Beginners – The Ultimate Guide to Incorporating Zen into Your Life – A Zen Approach to Happiness and Inner Peace."

In the book, Miyagi takes readers on a highly informational tour through the basics of Zen Buddhism, how meditation can assist in the practice. He then discusses how to incorporate the idea of Zen into one's daily life in his chapters on mindfulness.

Each chapter begins with a quote from Guatama Buddha who believed that a state of Zen is a state of enlightenment or happiness, and it is possible for people to achieve it through his philosophies. The idea of Zen is to unravel all of those preconceptions and make life simpler so that you can find the cause of suffering and put it to an end. Miyagi takes great care to explain the concepts with clarity so as not to further mystify the subject.

Miyagi asserts that his collective readership can prevail and find inner peace and happiness as Zen "allows you to step back, even in a busy life, and find the inner way." He uses himself as an example of someone who has changed his life for the better by employing Zen practices into his every day.

Miyagi explains the importance of meditation as a means to bring his readers closer to finding the enlightenment of Zen. He said, "Meditation helps to concentrate the mind on different elements so that you can free the mind from the constraints that life puts on it. When practiced on a regular basis, this allows clarity like you have never experienced in your life, and it's this clarity that Gautama Buddha used to find the solution to all human suffering, and it works."

The eBook has already received rave reviews from readers. One reader said, "It's the kind of book you can finish today and start reading again tomorrow."

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