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Belair, German's Popular Indie Artist Announce Release of New Albums

Catch the Latest Singles “Shooting Star”, “Do you want me?” & “Heaven on Earth”, “Forever Alone” Releasing on Major Streaming Platforms, Spotify, iMusic & Deezer etc.


Eisenstadt, Austria -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/07/2020 -- Francesco D'Agosta a.k.a. Belair, a 24 year-old popular music artist based out of Germany has become the latest music sensation on major music platforms and social media. He now has a huge fan following not just from the home country but from all over the world. Active on social media such as Twitter and Instagram, Belair doesn't leave any stone unturned to get closer to his fans. "Love is War", Belair's debut album that was released on 19th of March earlier this year had garnered rave reviews for this talented artist on popular sites. Belair is all set to release "Moonrise" in the first week of April. Specializing in genres such as EDM and LOFI/ALTERNATIVE, this artist never ceases to amaze his fan base and fellow artists.

Belair has steadily built his career over the years and went on to release popular hit singles "Shooting Star", "Do You Want Me?", "Why did you break my heart?" and "You always will be in my heart" in March 2020 as part of his debut album. His other releases are Heaven on Earth with the Song and "All is Good", a Piano Version & Heaven on Earth. Sky is the only limit to talented and creative artists like Belair. Here is wishing the very best of luck and success for this gifted,producer and musician. Belair is all excited to share his latest works with his fans and audience.

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About Francesco D'Agosta
Francesco D'Agosta a.k.a. Belair is an Austrian musician and an artist who started producing music at the age of 18. From being a successful music producer to releasing hit singles earlier this year,Belair now has a huge fan base crossing over 100k each in Spotify and Instagram.

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