Joe Bragg Gains Market Attention for Its Share Trading Speed


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2012 -- Timing is everything in the stock market. Although this has always been the case, new technology has made timing more critical than ever before. Today, traders from anywhere in the world can purchase millions of shares with just a few clicks, and delaying a trade by a few seconds can cause an investor to miss out on a substantial gain.

One award winning share trading website,, has been getting a lot of attention from Australian traders for the speed and affordability of its trades. Bell Direct has built proprietary trading platforms that are the most sophisticated in the Australian market. Their share trading platform offers straight through processing (STP) which means trades made through Bell Direct will be placed on the ASX quicker than with any other platform in Australia. In fact Bell Direct is so confident about the efficiency of their system they guarantee that any trade will make it to ASX in under two seconds or their will be no brokerage fees.

A spokesperson explained why Bell Direct’s speed of trade gives it an advantage over other online stock brokers:

“Obviously, timing has always been the most important factor in stock trading. But today, with online technology allowing instant trades from anywhere around the globe, it can take only seconds to miss out on a crucial trade. In fact, when the share market rallies most traders miss out on the first 10% of the gain. Our goal is to help our customers ensure that never happens. It’s this commitment that saw us win multiple awards from the Australian Online Brokering Report, including the highest overall customer satisfaction.”

Bell Directs technology also plays a crucial role in their market leading brokerage fees:

“It seems counter intuitive to traders that we offer rates that are up to 66% cheaper than our competitors yet offer quicker trades and more market information. However the speed of our trades, low prices and quality of information are all as a result of our trading platform. We are at an advantage that we built the platform from the ground up and have not had to adapt an old system to match the needs of the current market. Our platform utilizes all the latest technologies and tools which allows us to deliver market leading prices coupled with straight through processing.”

Instead of just telling clients about share market news as it happens, Bell Direct offers detailed analysis about what that news means for investors. Daily market updates are provided by the company’s very own Julia Lee. Lee is an equities analyst who provides market updates on Sky Business daily, and her two to three minute video segments can be viewed on the website.

Clients can access these daily videos in order to learn about hot new trends in the stock market or to simply keep up-to-date on broad market movements.

In addition to Lee’s market analysis, clients of also have access to research tools designed by Bell Potter and Recognia. Traders can also download software that displays multiple watch screens, free live data, and other information:

“Our trading tools cannot be found anywhere else. When offering the software to clients, our goal is to help them get ahead of the competition. We feel that our software, analysis, and instant share market news has done that. Customers can even access all relevant information from one screen as it’s linked to their portfolio and watch list so they don’t have to search for the data that is pertinent to them.”

Discount promotions are underway until November 30, and Bell Direct even offers to put $100 in new client accounts if they sign up by that date. The online broker also promises that every fifth trade will be free until that date.

About is an online Australia-based stock broker. Bell Direct seeks to offer clients affordable brokerage rates, unique trading software, market analysis, and other equities data as it occurs. Trading is offered through the website, an iPhone App or via SMS text messaging. For more information, please visit: