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Bellisima Baby Bags Introduces Chic Diaper Bag Collection


Fredericksburg, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2014 -- Bellisima Baby Bags, the leading provider of bags and other accessories for young mothers, has unveiled a new chic diaper bag collection from Baby Mel London. The fashionable baby boutique has hailed the new collection as a way for modern moms and dads to express their own unique personality through fashion choices.

The new baby bag collection is a direct repudiation of the traditional diaper bag. Usually, these bags were simply meant to be simply functional. All they did was to carry the diapers that babies need throughout the day. But essentially they were bland-looking, and they even contributed to the fatigue that new mothers often feel.

But the new baby boutique collection is a far cry from those simple bags. Instead, these bags are all decorated in the latest fashion design trends, and their look is modern and stylish. The Amanda bag is a spacious carry bag not just for diapers, but for other accessories that a mother needs to be a woman and not just a mother. The color is a cool mint green that evokes the chic colors of fall. The other bags in the collection, such as the Katie satchel and the Tweed satchel, also evoke the modern woman who can also be a modern mother as well.

About Bellisima Baby Bags
It’s not a coincidence that Bellisima sounds like bellissima, the Italian word for beautiful. That’s what Bellisima Baby Bags is all about. Many new mothers don’t feel confident anymore when it comes to their looks and figures, and Bellisima Baby Bags both provide for the practical needs of mothers while also acknowledging the need for beauty as well. With Bellisima Baby Bags, the look and the function have to be combined in a single baby bag. The Bellisima website can be found at

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