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Gurgaon, Haryana -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2013 -- Gemstones are precious stones believed to have special powers. There are different types of gemstones with unique qualities and features. Due to their precious nature, gemstones are sold at high prices. While shopping for gemstones, check for genuine and real certified stones. For people living in USA, ordering gemstones now is quite easy and convenient with online shopping. For more details, visit

Gemstones have always been linked with astrology. Many people strongly believe that each stone represents one sun sign and it will carry certain vibrations. One should wear gemstones matching with personal vibration only. The gemstone vibrations can bring impressive transformation in one’s life. Apart from that, gemstones are used to treat chronic illnesses as they bring peace and harmony. Many people believe that gemstones can contradict negative energies and dangerous situations. Gemstones can bring wealth and prosperity to the individual.

Basically, gemstones are classified according to the solar system. Due to this reason, they are known as zodiac gemstones or birthstones. To enjoy positive effect, one should put on an astrologically referenced gemstone. Each gemstone has unique features and is recommended based on horoscope. For instance, the ruby stone is considered to be a forewarning stone as it alerts people from upcoming a menace. Similarly, each stone has its own characteristic feature meant to bring success, prosperity, harmony, cure illness and many other positive changes.

Earlier, gemstones were used to sell at selective stores only. With the growing demand from the public and believers; now these stones are available at online stores too. Due to high demand, there is always chance for mischief. Especially, when shopping for gemstones online, shop at reputed and reliable stores only. Very few stores offer real and genuine stones certified by authorized bodies. Now for people living in US, shopping genuine gemstones has become easy and convenient. They don’t need to visit India or seek someone’s assistance. Ordering gemstones online is quite easy as they are sold according to category, price wise and carat.

Bello jewels, is one such reputed online store that offers these precious birthstones at competitive prices. They sell natural lab certified stones as per birth sign. People living in US & Canada can order these stones through online payment.

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