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Haryana, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2013 -- Gemstones are colorful and precious stones and almost all the people, irrespective of their status or the place they live, have a liking for them because they are beautiful and luminous. People purchase gemstones in USA also. Many people believe that gemstones can bring good luck to them. According to Indian Astrology, if people use appropriate gemstones, they can not only keep ill-luck at bay but also, can have peace, harmony and wealth in their life. says that they have all types of gemstones with them. They continue to add that people should choose the gemstones that are appropriate according to their birth charts. Such gemstones are called birthstones.

Some people purchase gemstones in USA based on their Zodiac or Rashi and these are known as Rashi stones. There are a few other people who buy gemstones based on the Hindu scripts known as Vedas. These gemstones are called Vedic Stones. Certain other people just choose stones according to their birth charts and these are called birthstones. says that they have all the varieties of gemstones to cater to the needs of all types of people. The branch of astrology using which the right types of gemstones can be suggested is called Gemology. suggests that people should use the right stones as per Gemology and Astrology to nullify the malefic influences of planets that may be present in their horoscopes. But, these people should not commit the mistake of choosing gemstones on their own, unless they are conversant with Astrology and Gemology, says If wrong gemstones are chosen and worn, they may do harm. Similarly, gemstones with red, black and white spots or cracks are also not good. But, if people wear the most appropriate gemstones, they can have peace of mind in life which means that they will be able to tackle the issues of life with composure and ease. asserts that they offer flawless Birthstones, Vedic stones and Rashi stones and customers can rest assured of the quality of the precious gemstones they buy from them.

Bello Jewels operates from Gurgaon near New Delhi, India but, since they sell their products online, people can purchase gemstones in USA also. The company says that they arrange free shipments of the stones to their clients who live in all parts of the world. They send these shipments by FedEx or DHL. They say that they accept payments from their clients in various forms. Clients can do bank transfers or pay through Pay Pal or using major credit cards.

About sells genuine gemstones at the right prices and so, people who are interested in buying Birthstones, Rashi Stones and Vedic Stones can place their orders online. will send the stones to the clients securely through FedEx or DHL. People can make payments through direct bank transfer, pay pal or using credit cards.