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Gurgaon, Haryana -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2012 -- Though most people are aware of the existence of birth stone, there are very few people who know about the true significance of the birthstones, their names, the months of the year they correspond to or the implications they carry. Birthstones are nothing but gemstones that are believed to have the power of controlling man’s destiny. In the ancient times it was believed that the sacred spirit resided within a birthstone and these stones could therefore battle against any ill luck or misfortune that is in store for a man. It was also believed that the wearer of a birthstone was always protected against the harm that may be caused by evil spirits. Nowadays these stones are valued not only for their power to avert ill-luck but also for their beauty and rarity. The birthstones are also considered as a harbinger of riches and so many people are eager to wear rings containing birthstones on their fingers. Birthstones have direct relation to the birth chart as well as birth month in which the wearer of the stone was born. Birthstones are therefore also often called birthday stones. These days the quality of birthstones is judged by their clarity, color and size. One store online that sells top quality birthstones is Here customers can get any type of birthstones they want.

The American Association of Jewelers has announced a list of modern birthstones which is being followed worldwide since 1912. has a rich stock of all these modern birthstones. According to that list the birthstone for January is Garnet and it symbolizes the attribute constancy, that of February is Amethyst and it symbolizes the attribute sincerity, that of March is Aquamarine and it symbolizes wisdom, that of April is Diamond and it symbolizes innocence, that of May is Emerald and it symbolizes love, that of June is Pearl and it symbolizes wealth, that of July is Ruby and it symbolizes freedom, that of Peridot and it symbolizes friendship, that of September is Sapphire and it symbolizes truth, that of October is Opal and it symbolizes hope, that of November is Topaz and it symbolizes loyalty, that of December is Turquoise and it symbolizes success. The customers who wear the birthstones of will surely feel a change for the better in their lives because these stones are 100% authentic and certified.

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