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Belly Button War: Suspense, Horror & Dark Comedy Collide in Break-Neck New Series; Chronicling Spiritual Rebirth of Pregnant 'Reluctant Medium'

MJ Tassi Jr’s ‘Belly Button War - Vol. 1’ fuses domestic abuse, youth pregnancy, ancient evils and the supernatural into a novella that sees one troubled college student undergo the boldest of spiritual rebirths. Don’t expect convention; Tassi’s work is chock-full of quirk and twists that make it chillingly-edgy.


Cleveland, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2014 -- Most authors use their debut release to do nothing but simply test the literary waters. However, MJ Tassi Jr has stormed the scene with gusto to prove that a first novel is also an opportunity to break new ground and rival a genre’s bestsellers.

The only snag is that ‘Belly Button War - Vol. 1’ defies any single genre; thrusting readers into an over-the-top adventure laden with the paranormal, erotica, suspense, societal evils and neo-noir mystery.


Belly Button War - Vol. 1 Revenge: Is A dish Best Served Pregnant Carissa, a reluctant medium and pregnant college student, struggles against domestic abuse in a race to save her unborn child, before her gangster-boyfriend, Vincent, channels an ancient evil that could destroy all she's ever loved.

The Belly Button War novella series is a character driven stream-of-consciousness tour-de-force written in a sparse, break-neck style that keeps you guessing from the jump.

“Through all of its hilarity and tumultuousness, the narrative is actually extremely emotional as it plays off our heroine’s struggles with pregnancy and abuse,” explains the author. “There’s also a secondary plot that sees Carissa distance her heart from her abusive boyfriend and instead fall for Billy, a character who ends up having a huge impact on her life.”

Continuing, “But don’t think that the book conforms to any kind of literary mold. I intentionally constructed it to defy compartmentalization and exist in the marketplace as a thick cocktail of cross-genre elements.”

Tassi isn’t exaggerating; the novel straddles many, many fences.

“Readers will explore classic elements of Science Fiction, horror, mystery convention and neo-noir that is so aggressive it will amplify and redefine everything they have come to know as “edgy”. Ultimately, the narrative provokes deep thought through witty suspense that moves at a speed that can only be described as an avalanche unleashing its power down the side of a mountain,” he adds.

Early reviews for the book have been extremely positive. Reader John comments, “A very exciting book. A good read.”

‘Belly Button War - Vol. 1’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1uuLyw5.

About MJ Tassi Jr.
MJ Tassi Jr. Is a writer, artist, musician and educator born deep in the crazed lands of Southern New England. He currently lives in Cleveland Ohio with his girlfriend and spiritual partner as well as a bombastic French bull dog blessed with more energy than any physical being has a right to possess.