Belly Dancing Class to Start at Russion Oriental Bell Dance Studio


Chula Vista, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2012 -- A fall class for classic Egyptians style (Raqs sharki ) and exciting Beledi belly dancing styles is planned for the Russian Oriental Belly Dance studio. Classes will be held once a week for eight weeks. Classes begin Sept. 19 and go through Nov. 10.

"With our new Russian Oriental Belly Dance Fall session, you will learn the classic Egyptian style "Raqs sharki" and exciting Beledi. This is a dance that helps you rediscover your beautiful feminine side. With each dance step you will build a spiritual awakening inside of you that cannot be compared to any other type of dance. It also provides an effective way to stay in excellent shape week after week,” said Nataliya Saborio, owner and instructor at the Chula Vista Russian Oriental Belly Dance studio.

No one is too old to learn if they are capable of moving around and they enjoy dancing, she said.

“We welcome everyone. All you need is an interest in learning this art form,” she said. “You need not worry about how others will feel about you. No one here will judge you. We are all interested in helping you achieve your love of dance.”

Pre-intermediate classes will learn the basic choreography of the Egyptian Pop Beledi style. Ms. Saborio describes it as a “light, witty interpretation of classic relaxed and earthy belly dance.” Students will learn the movements, including the shimmy layering, which is what most people expect from belly dancing.

“Our classes are fun, exciting and creative. We emphasize what each person can be through music and dance,” she said. “Dance, especially belly dancing, is an individual art form and expresses what the person who dances is feeling. No two dances can ever be the same because no two people are absolutely identical.”

Intermediate students will learn the Raks Sharky choreography to beautiful Abdel Halim piece “Zay El Hawa.”

“This is a classical piece for the belly dancer and may be recognized by some people. Dancers will learn to interpret the music and be encouraged to show how the music moves them and what it does to them,” Ms. Saborio said.

All students will come away with a better understanding of the ancient form of art and entertainment, she said.

“We going to learn little undulations, vertical figure eights, and so graceful mixtures of horizontal figure eights and twists that also very common for this style. Egyptian style includes a great deal of traveling; steps are small, and often combined with a hip work. Music is often interpreted physically here; it’s an emotional internal dance,” she said.

For more information about the belly dance classes visit . For more information about the studio visit or call (619) 518-0616. The studio is located in Chula Vista, CA.

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