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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Now Offer Exclusive hCG Diet Treatments That Target Excess and Embarrassing Belly Fat for Quick Weight Loss

Diet Doc’s physician developed hCG diet programs offer patients belly fat elimination and quick weight loss without any discomfort or negative side effects, like cravings or fatigue, that other diet programs fail to address.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2013 -- Finding the key to quick weight loss has become a priority for many people in Atlanta who are struggling with weight-related health issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease and kidney failure. But, even with these health concerns, many people in Atlanta are unable to stick with their goals to eliminate belly fat because of dieting side effects like intense cravings, weakness and irritability. Diet Doc created their hCG diet plans to offer their clients an easy way to achieve quick weight loss results without those negative side effects and, because of their unique approach to eliminating belly fat, hCG diets have successfully helped thousands of their clients lose weight fast and begin leading healthier, more active lives.

To begin achieving quick weight loss results, patients only need to complete an online health and medical questionnaire and schedule a phone or internet consultation with one of Diet Doc’s physicians. During this initial consultation, patients will advise the physician as to their health history, their previous attempts at quick weight loss and their goals for ridding themselves of embarrassing belly fat. Each Diet Doc physician has been specially trained in the most effective methods for losing weight and, specifically, the best ways to target belly fat during the hCG diet program. They will work with the patient to create hCG diet plans that consider the patient’s health history and address any underlying internal imbalances or improperly functioning internal organs so that the weight that is eliminated does not return.

Once an effective diet plan begins to take shape, patients will receive their shipment of hCG diet treatments that work seamlessly with a healthy meal plan and allow patients to reach their quick weight loss goals. Diet Doc’s hCG diet treatments contain hormones that naturally target excess belly fat, and fat in other hard to reach areas of the body, and actively flush that unnecessary fat out of the patient’s body. Clients can choose to receive their treatments as oral drops, sublingual tablets or as an injectable solution. While each form of these treatments will offer patients the same, effective quick weight loss results, many patients choose to receive their treatments as an injectable solution that has been enhanced with vitamin B12. This added benefit combats any fatigue or weakness that sometimes accompanies a reduction in caloric intake and actually increases the patient’s energy levels throughout their day.

Diet Doc is also committed to providing their clients with only the highest quality of ingredients and produces their hCG diet treatments at their own, United States based and fully licensed pharmacies. Each shipment is accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis that identifies the levels of active ingredients as well as the quality of each component of the treatments patients receive. Patients can feel confident that their treatments will safely target belly fat and allow them to see the fast weight loss they desire. And, in a recent in-house survey, an overwhelming majority of patients, 97%, reported quick weight loss results without any harmful consequences or negative side effects.

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