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Ben Franklin Doylestown Informs Pennsylvania Locals Why Their Water Needs Testing and Treatment


Doylestown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/27/2017 -- Ben Franklin Doylestown has notified their customers and other local Pennsylvania residents and business owners of the importance of routine water testing and treatment. This plumbing service franchise has been providing homes and offices with boiler, sewer, drain, water heater and other plumbing services since 1984. They have secured a reputation for excellence in customer service, maintenance, repairs, installations, cleaning and efficiency throughout the duration of their establishment's operation. With so much experience in dealing with water related services, each plumbing technician at Ben Franklin Doylestown has developed a comprehensive understanding of how to test, treat and maintain local water systems.

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Property owners who are supplied with water via a private well are more susceptible to drinking water contamination than those who receive their water through public means. Public water systems are regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and are tested according to strict guidelines. Property owners must individually test the water retrieved from a private well more often for this reason.

The health risks associated with water contamination include gastrointestinal illness, complications in reproduction and debilitating neurological disorders. Children, women who are pregnant, and the elderly are twice as susceptible to health complications derived from water contamination.

It is imperative for property owners to regularly have their water tested and treated for harmful chemicals, germs, and particulate matter. For more information on water testing and water treatment in Warminster, property owners are encouraged to call Ben Franklin Doylestown at 267-328-4935 today.

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