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Ben Franklin Levittown Provides Water Softening Systems for Homeowners


Levittown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2017 -- Ben Franklin Levittown provides water softening systems for homeowners throughout southeastern Pennsylvania. In Bucks County, water softening systems are designed to help reduce dissolved minerals, like calcium carbonate, that are found in hard water. Installing a water softening system provides homeowners with better-tasting, softer and safer water. People who wish to have cleaner and better-tasting water in their home (or in their office building) can turn to Ben Franklin Levittown.

When homeowners do not have a water softening or conditioning system in place, they may be facing water that is filled with minerals. These dissolved minerals can affect the taste of the water, result in drainage clogs and even affect the lifespan of a home or other building's water heater.

Ben Franklin Levittown recommends the Fleck 5800 Xrt2 water conditioning system. This water treatment process addresses any hard water concerns that a Montgomery County, PA, home or office building may have. When a property owner calls upon a professional to install a proper water softening system in their home, they will be able to enjoy showers, tubs and sinks free from mineral deposits, as well as cleaner, fresher-smelling clothes. Additionally, they will save on household expenses like laundry detergents and soaps.

Ben Franklin Levittown can also provide other types of services, including plumbing, water heater installation and repair, sewer and drain cleaning, boiler installation, 24/7 emergency services, and more. This company has been serving homes and businesses in Bucks County and Montgomery County for over 30 years.

To learn more about their water softening systems, contact Ben Franklin Levittown at 267-202-0647.

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