Ben Levitan, Telecom Expert, on NSA Scandal: Regulating the NSA Will Cost Consumers More


Copenhagen, Denmark -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2014 -- Over the past year, there hasn’t been an organization more in need of public relations assistance than the NSA. From Edward Snowden to the Angela Merkel wiretapping to a blatant overreach in wiretapping stateside, the NSA continues to ruffle feathers at home and abroad. Washington State legislators have even come together in a bipartisan fashion to introduce legislation to ban all evidence turned over to state authorities by unauthorized NSA wiretaps. Ben Levitan, noted telecommunications expert and developer of the wiretap system used in cases such as that of Rod Blagojevich, however, has delved further into what the scandal really means for consumers.

“What they haven’t told you,” Levitan said, “is that limiting wiretapping and forcing telephone companies to increase their record keeping capabilities, a suggestion made by the president, will cost consumers more at the end of each month.” By the phone companies’ own admission, they charge a premium for government record retrieval, and if that revenue source were to be shut off, they would be forced to reconcile that loss of income with another revenue stream.

“To think that the NSA is interested in the calls made to Aunt Jenny is to flatter oneself. The reality is that end consumers won’t be affected by changed rules, but they will be paying for it through the creation of new fees sanctioned by the FCC,” said Levitan. Ben Levitan is known for his hard-hitting analysis and is a top contributor on Nancy Grace and other cable news shows as an expert in the telecommunications industry. He has served as an expert in countless federal and state court proceedings and holds 30 patents, including one on advanced wiretap.

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