Benabee Creates Product Manager for Magento to Simplify Magento E-Commerce Management

Benabee is a French software design studio that has launched the latest version of its Product Manager for Magento to add user-friendly controls to Magento back-end.


Rennes, Bretagne -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2014 -- Running a business online is one of the best ways to establish a name brand without the extraordinary expense of a physical location to play host to the shop front. A digital shop front is now eminently possible thanks to open source software like Magento, which allows people to create an ecommerce site and begin selling their products immediately. The disadvantages however are significant, and the basic interface of Magento for the seller is nowhere near as well presented and intuitive as its front end. As such, Benabee have created Product Manager for Magento, which makes adding and managing products quick and simple.

Benabee’s Product Manager software overcomes many of the shortcomings of Magento’s interface. It enables users to edit product attributes directly in the Magento grid as one would in Excel, copy and paste multiple cells, find products instantly using the category tree feature, view all product attributes and images in a customizable grid view, filter and sort products by user defined attributes and edit selected products and categories in Magento. Available in Windows and OS X the software has extensive drag and drop support allowing users to quickly assign products to a category, drag images from a file manager or an internet browser and move product positions simply with the drag of a mouse.

This makes using Magento as straightforward and intuitive as possible and helps to integrate the product listings on the website with other business practices managed in programs like Excel. The software crucially saves users a lot of time which can be better spent expanding the business.

A spokesperson for Benabee explained, “We have made it our mission to streamline the way in which Magento users operate their back end, saving them time and therefore money. We have had great feedback on this latest version which has been developed and tested by Magento power-users, who need these additional tools to make using the software as efficient as possible. Time management is crucial, and Magento’s basic interface requires too great an investment of time from busy people trying to build their business to the next level- we’ve removed that obstacle. We make Magento a plug and play tool for marketers rather than a tool that requires an understanding of complex software.”

About Benabee
Since being established in 2012, Benabee has been providing Product Manager for Magento to customers, from small businesses to large companies, all across the world. First created by French Software engineer Maxime Coudreuse, Product Manager for Magento was created as a solution to Magento’s unwieldy back-end design, making product management easier than ever, increasing business’ bottom line by reducing demands on their time. For more information please visit: