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Beneath the Surface: Dazzling New Book Brings Tales from an Underwater World


Boulder, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2014 -- After forty years of Scuba diving, Stanley Yokell knows a little something about the subject.

With his new book, ‘Beneath the Surface’, Yokell allows readers to dive into the blue seas through the eyes of fictional Scuba divers.

From 1964 to 2007, Yokell made nearly 1,000 dives, from shipwrecks in the Atlantic Ocean, to sites throughout the Caribbean Sea, the Red Sea, Palau, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Bora Bora and the Eastern Caroline Islands. It’s a rich history of adventure and danger, with many of Yokell’s dives taking place during a time when Scuba diving was a sport for an elite group who used rudimentary equipment to dive on wrecks and traverse unexplored parts of the world’s oceans and lakes. Now, Scuba diving is a sport with hundreds of thousands of participants, and far more government regulation.

Taken from Yokell’s own experiences, ‘Beneath the Surface’ is a thrilling collection of tales, from dives as deep as 225 feet beneath the waves, snap dives to 200 feet, investigations of a sunken schooner at a depth of 200 feet, a night spend in an underwater habitat, night dives, dives to watch shark feedings, and much, much more. Readers will be awe-struck by the hidden world laid before them, and electrified by the bravery involved in this exhilarating sport.


BENEATH THE SURFACE STORIES OF THE UNDERWATER WORLD - Beneath the Surface is an anthology of fictional stories about Scuba divers, their Scuba dives and the people with whom they dove. The stories are based upon the author's experiences and observations of divers during his more than 600 Scuba dives described in his book, "An Old Timer's Scuba Tales, published by Amazon.com in 2011.

Yokell’s journey to becoming an expert diver was an unconventional one.

“I first began when I was hose diving in Subic Bay in the Philippines using jury-rigged equipment and explosives to change the screws of my Landing Ship Tank – it had become bent during a landing at Lingayen Gulf,” says the author. “I was the ship’s Engineering Officer at the time. It was a difficult and dangerous task, but I couldn’t help but be amazed at the beauty of my surroundings.”

Continuing: “In 1964 I enrolled in a Scuba diving course with my teenage son Michael. Once we became certified, we made our first open ocean dive trip in St. Thomas, where we saw schools of Hammerhead sharks. It began my love affair with the oceans, and for what lies beneath. There’s a whole other universe down there, just waiting to be explored.”

‘Beneath the Surface: Stories of Scuba Diving’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1bOKCj5

About the Author: Stanley Yokell
Stanley Yokell is Professional Engineer who lives in Boulder, Colorado. Like many other Coloradans he has had a full life of outdoor activities. His published books are A Working Guide to Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers, Tubular Heat Exchanger Inspection, Maintenance and Repair, written with Carl F. Andreone, The Ship, a book about a Landing Ship Tank that served in the Pacific during World War II, The Ride, written under his pen name S. Israel, a book describing a solo coast to coast bicycle that the author took to celebrate his 59th birthday, Dog Stories, a book about dogs who loved him, Murder at Plato House and The Body in the Park, two book in a trilogy of murder mysteries that feature Marie Quizno, Chief Detective of the fictional town of Big Rock, Colorado, House of Mirrors an erotic novella and Love, Sex and Erotic, an anthology, both written under his pen name, and Old People, a book about the elderly from an old person’s perspective. Excerpts from his published books are available on his website www.baddyflicks.com/