Benefits Brought by Green Lipped Mussel

MX Green Lipped Mussel by Maxalife Helps Chronic Joint Pain and More


Canterbury, NZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2012 -- Osteo and rheumatoid arthritis that causes chronic joint pain is an aggravating condition that many people around the world suffers from. About 250 million around the world and 46 million in the US alone suffer from it. People with this condition have a hard time moving and are constantly in pain. It’s like their hands, knees, legs, back and neck have super glue in them. And every move they make is painful. Simple movements such as getting up from the chair and walking become very difficult and excruciating. But fortunately scientists discovered that a certain shellfish called the green lipped mussel can help this. The green lipped mussel has long been part of the diet of the Maori of New Zealand. These are the warrior people of New Zealand which are immune to joint pain even at old age such as 80’s and above. The secret of these warrior people’s immunity to joint pain is now readily available to the world.

Maxalife, an anti aging supplements company, has put the green lipped mussels properties in capsule form and makes them readily available to people suffering from chronic joint pain. People don’t have to look for this shellfish which is found in the seawaters of New Zealand in order to avail of its green lipped mussel benefits. Maxalife also makes sure that customers get the right amount of nutrition they need since the capsules have the necessary dosages to help the joint pain.

Maxalife not only offers MX Green Lipped Mussel, but has other health supplements as well. Maxalife also has bee pollen supplements that boost energy and overall health. This is a great supplement to give people that energy boost that they need in order to be more active and efficient in work and other areas of life; and who want to feel younger and revitalized. For people who not only want to feel younger but look younger as well, Maxalife also offers NeuCell Anti-Wrinkle with Sheep Placenta Extract. Younger looks and more youthful skin can be achieved with this sheep placenta anti wrinkle cream from new Zealand. Maxalife’s products are all natural and come from the pristine land and waters of New Zealand, so its ingredients are pure and uncontaminated. The company even offers a 30-60 money back guarantee so customers are assured of quality products.

About Maxalife’s MX Green Lipped Mussel
Maxalife’s MX Green Lipped Mussel is a health supplement created to help chronic joint pain caused by osteo and rheumatoid arthritis.

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