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Benepath, an Insurance Quote and Lead Generation Business, Appears on Spotlight


Newtown Sq, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2018 -- Jason Feinberg interviews Benepath President Clelland Green & Vice President Jim Pennewill on Health Insurance

Newtown Square, Pennsylvania: On December 8, at 4 p.m., Benepath, an insurance quote and lead generation company, will be featured on Spotlight Television. Spotlight Television is a national television show, airing on the Fox Business Channel as sponsored content, which reaches the business audience in over 50 million homes, and conducts one-on-one interviews with business leaders and innovators. Benepath has been chosen to be featured on the show to discuss insurance, what their company offers and how they stand out from competitors.

Benepath offers an array of insurance products. The company provides services to people looking for insurance, as well as services to insurance agents looking for leads. is the flagship website for people looking to get health insurance, Medicare supplement, life insurance, group health insurance, and/or commercial insurance quotes and plans, as well as an information hub for all health and insurance news. Agents looking for completely exclusive leads, can visit

Benepath prides themselves on their ability to provide one-on-one service to their customers with a local agent who is educated in the most up-to-date information in their area. This way the customer does not have to be passed around agents. Consumers get their own agent to discuss their needs and budget with, and that same agent will provide them with quotes and sign them up without a fee. Vice President Jim Pennewill states, "The primary distinction from competitors is really the one to one connection between the consumer shopping for insurance, and the insurance agent or agency that can provide that insurance coverage. The quotes people will see are customized to the territory they are in and their age."

Benepath also prides itself on is the protection of their customer's identity. President Clelland Green states that customers should be very careful because "most of the websites that are out there are looking to collect your information and sell it to telemarketing organizations, insurance companies with large call centers and multiple agents. Unlike us, we just make a one-to-one connection, and you will not get harassed."

Deciding which insurance and plan is best for you and your family is an important decision. It takes a lot of research, and time. There are professional agents who can do all the research for you, and provide you with quotes. Benepath offers access to these agents to their customers. They offer their services efficiently, with protection of identity, and free of charge.

About Benepath
Benepath is based in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania and was founded in 2004. They are a digital marketing agency specializing in generating leads for insurance agents all across the country. Benepath offers a wide variety of health insurance plans that meets the needs of individuals, families and businesses. It continues to successfully grow around the country, and with the help of their dedicated and diligent employees, we can expect to hear a lot more about Benepath.

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