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Benepath CEO Says Group Insurance Leads Have the Potential to Create a Nice Income


Newtown Sq, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/12/2012 -- Insurance agents wanting a steady source of income might want to invest in group insurance leads. These are quite profitable, provided the agent does good follow up and closing.

“Insurance agents run a business and they want to make their company profitable. To do that, they need to wisely invest their marketing dollars in solid, reliable, real time, pre-qualified group insurance leads. In fact, many agents look at these leads as being the foundation of their business,” says Clelland Green, RHU, CEO, and president of in Pennsylvania.

For those not sure how to go about getting good leads, there are lessons to be learned from the pros that went before and achieved success. For instance, keep the target market firmly in sight at all times. “This means everyone needs health insurance, but if your goal is to sell group health insurance, then your market is not individuals, it is businesses that offer their workers insurance,” Green explained. For companies still offering health insurance, their mandate is to get the best possible group medical insurance and not give up too much of the bottom line.

“If you have qualified group insurance leads in real time, you have the tools you need to make a sale along with your expert knowledge of the products you offer and your closing skills,” Green pointed out. “Since you know the needs of your market, you are better able to serve them and offer them what suits their budgets. Having all the answers at your fingertips will tip the scale in your favor.”

Never let a lead languish in the “To Do” file, as nine times out of ten it does not get done, and the sale may well be lost. Real time leads are so valuable because they are people that want to buy an insurance product. If they are not followed up, typically over a course of six weeks or so before an actual purchase, they will take their business someplace else. “Can you afford to have that happen?” asked Green. “Most insurance agents do not want to lose deals as the stability and growth of their agency depends on sales, so that means doing the work all of the time.”

Ever had the situation where trying to see a prospective business owner about group insurance is a tangled mess of missed appointments and re-scheduling and balancing priorities? Life happens for business people as well as agents, and it is wise to go out of the way to make sure an appointment is kept. Appointments that show turn into sales, and if the business owner knows an agent is going out of their way to accommodate their hectic schedule that impresses them.

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