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Benepath's CEO Defines What Makes the 'Best' Insurance Leads


Newtown Square, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/01/2015 -- Success is fueled by the choices an insurance agent makes relating to quality leads. Pay for the best and watch the business grow.

"I often get asked what is the best way to determine what lead generation company would actually provide what an agent needs to convert leads. My answer is the one that works the best for 'you.' Having said that though, it needs to be pointed out that if you do not ante up for quality leads that are ready-to-go, you are going to have a hard time converting them," said CEO, Clelland Green, RHU.

Quality, ready-to-go insurance leads are those that come in real time, have been pre-screened and pre-qualified, are niche-specific to what an agent requires and the company stands behind their product. In other words, paying for leads that are just "insurance" leads and the agent sells Medicare supplements is a waste of time and money. An agent needs to be pointedly specific about what they want and need when ordering leads from a lead generation company.

There are several routes to go, ranging from shared leads to exclusive leads. "While shared leads might be attractive for the price, they rarely convert because they have been worked to extinction by others. Exclusive to 'you' leads however are quality, qualified and quite ready to make a purchase decision when they have the correct information," said Green. That decision to buy may not happen instantly, but if the lead is worked properly it is convertible to a loyal customer.

Providing service to a customer is not just about having a product to sell. It is about having the knowledge needed to assist a potential or existing customer with finding the right fit for their needs. It is about spending the time the customer needs to make an informed decision. It is about ensuring all questions asked are answered in a manner that the client understands. "It is about sincerity, the ability to connect with a customer and understand what they need and about being able to fulfil their needs," said Green.

The order of the day when selling insurance is to get the best possible leads. That is accomplished by dealing with a lead generation company that offers a quality product and stands behind what they sell. offers those attributes to agents needing online leads that convert.