Benidorm Bouncers Become a Huge Problem for Holidaymakers Says UK Airport Car Parks

Holidaymakers have contacted UK Airport Car Parks to inform them of the serious problems in Benidorm. Many holidaymakers are turning to travel forums to report how Benidorm bouncers are getting out of control.


Manchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2015 -- UK Airport Car Parks who help people find cheaper airport car parking through their comparison tool has received a large number of complaints of some of the Benidorm bouncers.

Benidorm has become a popular holiday destination for over 15 million UK holidaymakers each year. However, that number could drop after the large number of reports of bad behavior of bouncers in Benidorm. According to UK Airport Car Parks, there are a small number of pubs and entertainment venues, which have been singled out for aggressive behavior by their door staff. Although there have been many complaints to the venue's management, and even posts put on their official Facebook pages, nothing has been done.

UK Airport Car Parks has done a lot of research into the Benidorm Bouncers problem and has found complaints being made on popular travel forums. However, the popular airport car parking company has been shocked that these popular forums have removed the posts and not letting people be warned about the true picture of what is happening in Benidorm.

The Airport Car Parking expert has become so worried about the problem they have decided to contact the Mayor of Benidorm and request the problem is investigated. With a large number of complaints about bouncers allegedly hitting customers for no reason, a spokesman for the parking company has said if nothing is done then someone could end up seriously hurt or even killed.

Chris Fryer from UK Airport Car Parks said: "We were shocked when we heard about the problem. I was personally disgusted to learn that one particular review site and forum kept on taking down posts about the Benidorm bouncers problem."

According to the Airport Car Parking Company, each time someone put up a post on the popular travel review site, it was quickly taken down. Many people on that particular forum have claimed the company does not want anyone bad mouthing Benidorm as it could reduce their sales on hotels and other services they offer.

One holidaymaker who wrote on the travel review site forum and had their post removed said: "It shocks me that people are not being warned about the pubs and clubs where bouncers are being heavy handed. I put up a post on the forum, and it was quickly removed. I wanted to warn people, but it seems the travel review site does not want people warned."

People have written on Facebook and on forums about witnessing people being allegedly beat up for no reason when they are in certain pubs and clubs. Although it is only a small number of venues, it has become a serious problem, and UK Airport Car Parks want action to be taken straight away.

UK Airport Car Parks who has written a letter to the Mayor of Benidorm is asking for holidaymakers who have witnessed this type of behavior to complain to the Mayor. They are also asking for people to post on the entertainment venue's Facebook page asking why this behavior is allowed to carry on.

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